The cause of a 2-minute crash of nearly 6000 meters in Shenzhen Airlines

 The cause of a 2-minute crash of nearly 6000 meters in Shenzhen Airlines

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At 7:57 on August 9, Shenzhen Airlines zh9209 aircraft issued 7700 emergency code, and then returned home. Before that, the plane had a sudden altitude drop in two minutes, from 9297m to 3733m.

(industry version)

This is the 21st century economic report reporter from the aviation software - flight standards industry edition to learn the news. The flight is scheduled to fly from Shenzhen to Xian. About 20 minutes after taking off from Shenzhen Baoan airport at 7:32 on August 9, there was a sudden altitude drop. At present, the flight has begun to return, from the real-time flight trajectory, it may choose Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macao and other airports for alternate landing.

Industry insiders told the 21st century economic report that 7700 is the code of the airliner transponder. In case of passenger opportunity emergency, such as mechanical failure, passengers need first aid, the code will be sent to the outside for special treatment by ATC personnel. According to the analysis of this person, the loss of pressure in the cockpit and cracks in the glass will lead to the change of the height of the aircraft. By lowering the altitude in a short period of time, the safety of the aircraft body and passengers can be ensured.

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