Man accused of killing his girlfriend and serving 16 years in prison

 Man accused of killing his girlfriend and serving 16 years in prison

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Jiangxi man accused of killing his girlfriend and serving 16 years in prison

At the end of July 2018, the peoples Procuratorate of Jiangxi Province released a message saying, in the case of Wen Haipings criminal complaint, the peoples Procuratorate of Jiangxi Province has appointed the case handling team to review and handle the case. On August 8, 2020, Luo Jinshou, Wen Haipings deputy lawyer, told the public network poster news reporter that after two reexamination, Jiangxi Provincial procuratorate has submitted the review report to the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate twice. At present, it is still waiting for the decision of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate to protest.

When asked about the case, Wen Haiping, who is in her 40s, cant help crying. Wen Haiping said, I didnt kill anyone! Im not the one who killed my girlfriend! I didnt do anything. I just want to continue to vindicate my innocence. According to Wen Haiping, after being taken away by the police, she was tortured for many days to extort a confession. In the end, she could not help but confessed according to the instructions of the police. Because of this confession, I was sentenced. Wen Haiping said that she had been complaining in prison and had written more than 300 blood letters, hoping to be innocent. At the same time, because of his efforts to reform, positive performance, strive for commutation, out of prison ahead of time.

Wen Haiping said that when she was in prison in 2002, she learned that she had been admitted to graduate school. However, because of this case, I spent 16 years in prison.

According to Luo Jinshou, it is hopeful that Wen Haipings appeal will be overturned. There is no objective evidence to prove that Wen Haiping committed murder. Field investigation, forensic identification and physical evidence examination showed that no evidence of Wen Haipings crime was found at the first scene of the crime and the scene where the corpse was hidden. Wen Haiping did not have any fighting scars; there was no blood on Wen Haipings clothes and shoes; Wen Haipings footprints were not extracted at the two sites and on the way to remove the corpse; Wen Haipings fingerprints were not extracted from the victims belt; no blood was found on Wen Haipings body during the body removal.

Luo Jinshous lawyer said that important material evidence confirmed that a third person might commit a crime. There was a curly hair in each of the two groups of paper extracted by the investigators at the scene. It was identified that the blood on the paper ball belonged to the dead Deng Yanbo. Neither hair belonged to Wen Haiping, and one of them belonged to a third person.

Recommendation of similar cases

On August 4, Jiangxi Higher Peoples court handed down a verdict of innocence in the trial of Zhang Yuhuans murder case. Zhang Yuhuans ex-wife, song xiaonu, first laughed and then fainted after learning about the result through video in her hometown of Nanchang. It has been 9778 days since Zhang Yuhuan was detained for the first time.

Zhang Yuhuan was later released from Nanchang prison until he arrived at his hometown in Zhangjia village, Jinxian county. Song xiaonu was always in trouble. When she saw Zhang Yuhuan, who had changed into a new dress and hung with red flowers on her chest, in front of her dilapidated old house, her mood broke down for a time.

Its understandable that a good person has been vindicated and his familys emotions have been out of control. However, due to the title of ex-wife, some netizens speculated maliciously about song xiaonu. Some said that she had played and had impure motives. Some even said that she came for Zhang Yuhuans 7 million state compensation.

In 1993, Zhang Yuhuan was identified by the police as a suspect in the child killing case and was sentenced to death with a reprieve two years later. Both Zhang Yuhuan himself and the whole family were broken overnight.

Young song xiaonu and her two sons

Mother and son living in different places

The pillar of the family collapsed, not a widow is better than a widow, only 23-year-old song xiaonu can only live around. Song xiaonus three brothers take turns to support her father. She lives with her two children with her father. Where my father eats, we eat there.

Song xiaonu made up her mind to leave her two sons in her mother-in-laws and her fathers, and went to Shenzhen by herself to work as well as complain and petition for her husband.

Remarriage of three rules

On the eve of her remarriage, she went to see Zhang Yuhuan and confessed to him, he asked me, why do you want a man? Dont look for it. Im wronged. You have to wait for me.

The two men were heartbroken and tearful. Zhang Yuhuan signed the divorce agreement. Later, song Xiaonv married Fujian with her husband.

But before marriage, she made three rules with him. First, she wanted to be nice to her two children. I told him that I had a tumor in my uterus. If I couldnt get off on the operating table, you should be better to my son. Dont be so nice to you. You can treat my son better than others.

Second, we should be able to see Zhang Yuhuan at any time, and we cant stop him.

The third is to be able to see Zhang Yuhuans mother, as long as Im in Jiangxi, Im going to see my mother-in-law. Of course, you cant go, but Im going..

The husband fully agreed and kept his promise. Until now, as long as song xiaonu wants to go home, her husband immediately takes her on a motorcycle, he calls my mother-in-law aunt. When we first got together, we went to my mother-in-laws house, and we bought something together and took one or two hundred yuan. .

The husband was angry, and a fierce quarrel broke out between them. Song Xiaonv, mixed with grief and anger, decided to visit her ex husband. Two people took out their hearts and lungs, chatted about the past, and also about their children. Song xiaonu rekindled her hope for life. When I got home, my husband asked me, did he still die? I said I would not die. Why should I die? Zhang Yuhuan suffered so much torture, so poor, I broke a bladder, what am I afraid of? I said Id better have a broken bladder, wouldnt I?

27 years of guarding the moon

In 27 years, song xiaonu only met Zhang Yuhuan seven or eight times. But she and Zhang Yuhuans elder brother together, never stopped complaining. Her culture is not high, can only look up the dictionary while writing, tears wet the letter, and then write again. A department by department to visit, year after year, she finally cleared the clouds to see the fog, and returned to her former husband.

The reunion of song xiaonu and Zhang Yuhuan


As the saying goes, if the flint doesnt fall on the instep of ones feet, he doesnt know how hot it is. Song xiaonus story is an example. Its hard for us to understand the collapse of song xiaonu. But it is not easy to think about all kinds of hardships.

Moreover, even Zhang Yuhuan has repeatedly said that understanding song Xiaonvs divorce behavior, his ex-wife is the most grateful person. I heard that he could get 7 million state compensation. He directly indicated that he would give part of the money to his ex-wife so that she could live a better life. Song xiaonus response is simple. She shakes her head and says its OK. Let Zhang Yuhuan keep her own money for the elderly, and then take care of her mother and two sons. As for herself, she will spend the rest of her time with her husband now to make up for his efforts over the years.

Song xiaonu is not so much trying to make money as she is drawing a name. She does not accept the stigma of her loved ones for no reason, nor does she want her two children to be discriminated against in the name of murderers offspring. Once she gets the justice she deserves, she will go away quietly.

Song Xiaonv, everyones life has a quota. You have eaten all the bitterness in the first half of your life. May the rest of your life be sweet.

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