Mans fishbone stuck throat for 3 days, punctured artery and died unfortunately! Dont do this again!

 Mans fishbone stuck throat for 3 days, punctured artery and died unfortunately! Dont do this again!

On the evening of August 2, Mr. Chen suddenly began to vomit blood, and vomit once an hour, each time a large bowl. By 2 a.m., he rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

According to the doctor, Mr. Chen was still vomiting blood after he arrived at the hospital. The doctors did not care to do nucleic acid test for him. They immediately intubated artificial respiration for him and gave him a large amount of blood transfusion. But after the doctors full rescue, still cant save Mr. Chens life. He died on the night of August 3, his life was fixed at 45 years old, leaving two minor children.

Wang Jiyong reminded that do not talk when eating fish, especially when eating fish head, and also when eating lamb chops, chicken and duck. There are tragic cases that fish bone, chicken bone, duck bone and sheep bone get stuck in the esophagus every year, leading to aortic rupture and bleeding and death. After the fish bone is stuck, do not try to drink vinegar, swallow rice and other local methods, must come to the hospital in time for medical treatment.

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Be careful when dealing with fish bone sticking

Some people drink vinegar desperately after being stuck by fish bone. They think that vinegar can dissolve the fish bone made of calcium, so as to soften the fish bone, and the softened fish bone will fall off the tissue. Some people always feel that they can swallow fish bones by eating rice and steamed bread and swallowing them all the time

In fact, these are not the right way to deal with them. In case of fishbone sticking, you need to know the following:

1. Stop eating

First of all, should immediately stop eating, do not even drink water, relax the throat, try to reduce swallowing action, ease the mood. Because of emotional tension, easy to cause throat muscle contraction, foreign bodies will be more tight.

Then, you can bend down and try to cough hard. The tiny fish bones will rush out with the air flow. Or stimulate the throat, induce nausea, vomiting, promote fish bones loose spit out.

? 2. With the help of tools

3. Seek medical help

Attention, this is to seek the doctors help is the most correct way! If no fish bone is found, it indicates that the fish bone is deep and difficult to pull out. Or, if you see a fish bone, but it is very thick and tightly tied, do not pull it out randomly to avoid new trauma.

The doctor warned,

Its not a small matter that fish bone gets stuck in the throat,

Dont drink vinegar or swallow rice