Trump signs four measures to save economy by bypassing Congress

 Trump signs four measures to save economy by bypassing Congress

The relevant administrative documents signed by trump are from the White House

According to CNN, trump said at a news conference in New Jersey on the afternoon of the 8th that through these four actions, my government will provide timely and critical assistance to the struggling Americans.

At the press conference, when a reporter asked why the relief fund was not the $600 required by the Democrats, trump said that $400 gave Americans the motivation to return to work.. Trump administration officials also insist that some people get help far higher than their wages, leaving them no incentive to return to work.

In addition, a democratic state official laughed at the call for 25% of the $400 bailout to be paid by the States and said, we dont have that much money.. For states that suffered economic setbacks during the outbreak, providing additional assistance to the unemployed is a heavy burden.

Video capture of Trumps signing of relevant administrative orders

It is worth noting that Trumps executive order was signed after the bankruptcy of the two parties rescue negotiations in Congress.

On August 6, the White House and congressional Democrats reached a deadline for a rescue plan, but the two sides have yet to reach an agreement. Earlier this week, a white house negotiator told CNN that trump would sign an executive order to unilaterally approve the bail-out bill if negotiations on the bail-out bill failed to make progress as scheduled. If Congress cant do it, the president of the United States will, he said.

However, several US media pointed out that it is not clear what legal power trump will take to implement the four measures. CNN said that without the approval of Congress, Trumps solution this time is not perfect or even illegal. At the same time, in the absence of legislative procedures, trump may also be illegal in adjusting fiscal expenditures and revenues. But CNN quipped that trump was not concerned about the legality of these actions.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the United States, the United States has launched a number of economic stimulus plans in batches in a short period of time, with a total amount of more than 3 trillion US dollars, including the issuance of cheques and cash, loans for enterprises, etc. However, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation has not been eased and the economy has been suffering a heavy setback.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, as of 17:34 on August 8, the total number of new crown confirmed cases in the United States has reached 4.98 million, and more than 160000 deaths. According to Reuters statistics novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States have exceeded 5 million people as of August 8th, and 1 of the 66 cases in the United States have been infected.

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