Zhao Xiaotangs own efforts to raise the standard of plain appearance

 Zhao Xiaotangs own efforts to raise the standard of plain appearance

Lets enjoy the hard hitting of female stars:

It can be seen that the skin is in good condition and will shine when it is plain. Wang Likun is an example. The skin color is even, without local dullness. Plus her original eyebrow shape is complete, it will look like there is no difference before and after make-up.

Zhou Yutongs plain face is also very good. Her usual make-up is very light, which also benefits from her skin condition and the original eyebrow shape.

Reduce skin blemishes

If there are acne or dark acne marks on the skin, it will make the plain face look discounted. Even if the rest of your skin feels good, its hard to get peoples attention. Although Concealer can help you, it is a temporary solution. Therefore, if you want to be a plain beauty, or to find the cause of acne, long spots, and the right medicine, through the doctor or medical beauty to improve.

Some people are born white, some people are born with wheat color, but this is not the whole white or not, but whether the skin color is even. If you are pink tone white but top a national treasure eye socket, it will also look very disobedient.

Generally speaking, the dark skin in addition to the daily makeup removal is not complete, the consequences of improper sunscreen, but also the impact of work and rest and eating habits. For example, heavy colored food and salty food can cause poor drainage and eventually lead to dark skin color. Therefore, we should pay great attention to this in our daily life.

Eyebrow integrity

Anti saccharification

If you want to keep the skin in a high quality state when you are plain, the reddest anti sugar is essential. With the growth of age, the metabolism slows down. When the intake of sugar is too much and the metabolism is poor, the sugar in the blood will adsorb on the collagen to produce glycosylation, so that the collagen will become fragile and easy to be broken, which will disintegrate the relationship between cells and collagen. In the long run, the skin without the elastic support of collagen will become loose and collapse and accelerate aging.

Eat less processed sugar, eat less sweets, and pay attention to balanced diet intake. You can also consciously understand and use the anti saccharification skin care products that are suitable for you. Stick to it for a month and youll find that your darkening and acne will improve. If we persist in it for a long time, we can weaken the dullness.

The appearance is born, and the plain appearance is acquired. Dont look at the end of envy and envy, ask yourself in the skin care to pay time? Is it something you have done that you wash your face and go to sleep at night? (Ive done it many times anyway)

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