Hong Kong community strongly condemns the so-called sanctions of the United States

 Hong Kong community strongly condemns the so-called sanctions of the United States

The Hong Kong Federation of economic and peoples livelihood issued a statement pointing out that Chinas formulation and implementation of Hong Kongs national security law has filled the institutional loopholes in the maintenance of national security in Hong Kong, effectively safeguarded the social order of Hong Kong and put peoples lives back on track. The US sides so-called sanctions are a kind of naked hegemonic act. The Democratic Alliance for democracy and peoples livelihood urged the United States to stop such behavior of harming others and not benefiting itself, so as not to cause more harm to Sino US relations.

The New Democratic Party of Hong Kong issued a statement stressing that it would not agree with the US sides claim that the central governments implementation of the Hong Kong national security law would weaken Hong Kongs autonomy and democracy, and that it was extremely unreasonable. The US side should not distort Hong Kongs constitutional status as a special administrative region of the peoples Republic of China, interfere in Hong Kongs internal affairs and crack down on one country, two systems.

Zheng ruohua, director of the Department of justice of the SAR government, said that safeguarding national security is to protect the life safety and interests of all Chinese people. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to serve the country. This kind of illegal so-called sanction means of the United States has further strengthened her consistent belief in dealing with affairs. With the motherland as a strong backing, the so-called sanctions of the United States are doomed to be futile.

The Secretary for commerce and economic development of the SAR government, Mr Yau Teng Hua, said that the US sides arbitrary and unreasonable conduct and lack of reasonable reasons will inevitably have an impact on the relationship between Hong Kong and the United States. It is natural for Hong Kong to safeguard its national security, and a stable and reasonable environment is needed for foreign enterprises to operate in Hong Kong. If the United States unilaterally takes unreasonable actions, it will eventually affect American enterprises.

Zeng Weixiong, former chief of police of the SAR government, pointed out that since the reunification with the motherland, the national security legislation has not been completed in accordance with the basic law of Hong Kong. As a result, some countries have taken advantage of these loopholes to intervene in Hong Kong affairs and engage in activities endangering Chinas national security. Hong Kongs national security law has effectively blocked these loopholes, making it impossible for these countries to repeat their old tricks. He stressed that he believed that the Central Committee would coordinate and take appropriate countermeasures in time to safeguard national sovereignty and dignity.

One country, two systems is the cornerstone of Hong Kong as an international financial center and an international metropolis. American businessmen who do business in Hong Kong are also the beneficiaries of Hong Kongs prosperity and stability under the one country, two systems policy. She pointed out that, in order to suppress China, the United States would upset right and wrong, and suppress China with the so-called lies of equality, peace, freedom and democracy.

Yao Zhisheng, President of the Hong Kong Federation of the China Association for the promotion of peaceful reunification, said that safeguarding national security is an international practice. The so-called sanctions against the relevant officials of the central government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and maliciously targeted at the national security law of Hong Kong are gross interference in Chinas internal affairs, seriously violating international law and basic norms of international relations, and behaving brutally, despicably and irrationally, which must be strongly condemned.

Liu Bingzhang, chairman of the Hong Kong professional alliance, said that although the United States has a series of laws to safeguard national security, it is full of hypocrisy to criticize Hong Kongs national security law. The United States gross interference in Hong Kong affairs shows that it is trying to use its chips to deliberately suppress Chinas development. The United States stigmatizes Chinese enterprises for divulging data. However, the U.S. Treasury Department has used the so-called sanctions to divulge the privacy of 11 officials, which is in violation of the spirit of respecting privacy advocated by the United States.