Song Xiaonv: I want to hold is very complex, very complex embrace I feel sad

 Song Xiaonv: I want to hold is very complex, very complex embrace I feel sad

Zhang Yuhuan: This is the room where I sleep. Now its rotten and has nothing. This is the scene of the crime.

This dilapidated old house was once a warm home for Zhang Yuhuan, but it was also the beginning of a nightmare. In 1993, 27 years ago, Zhang Yuhuan was confirmed by the police that he killed two boys from the same village and dumped his body in the reservoir. And in the court trial, Zhang Yuhuan has been crying injustice, said the police have been tortured to extract a confession. In the absence of strong objective material evidence and the contradiction between the two guilty confessions, Nanchang Municipal Intermediate Peoples court made two convictions in 1995 and 2001 and sentenced him to death with a two-year suspension of execution.

Zhang Yuhuan: they all called me peanut, which means to shoot me. After a long time, they committed suicide twice. At that time, I was sentenced to death, and then I fainted, crying and crying for injustice. When the bailiff carried me on the way to the detention center, he said that you can appeal.

Zhang Minqiang, brother of Zhang Yuhuan: after waiting for eight years in the detention center, no one can see or see. My heart has always been angry, as if if he had not killed people, he should not have called, even if killed. In 2001, when the second court session was held, he saw the file and all the cases were restored, and the material evidence and the confession were inconsistent, so it was confirmed that he was wronged.

Zhang Yuhuan: I cant write. I asked a man with culture to write it. The man was still a college student. I would look for him and copy it like that, with little difference. The rest of them are playing cards. I dont have them. Im writing because I think so. Complaints are my top priority. Drums dont play and grievances are not clear. If I give up and dont complain, once I die, I will die with regret


Zhang Yuhuan sent five or six hundred letters of complaint to various units, but almost all of them went to the sea. In addition to the torture of grievances, he has to bear the pain of family fragmentation. The old mother cant be filial, his wife and children cant take care of him. He can only see the growth of his children from the photos sent by his family. The eldest son once wrote on the back of the photo: Dad, I didnt take a good picture this time. When you come home, we will take pictures together..

The burden of the family is on the shoulders of his wife song xiaonu. She helps Zhang Yuhuan redress her grievances and works to earn a living. Unfortunately, she suffers from uterine fibroids and develops into cervical cancer. In order to survive, she divorced Zhang Yuhuan and remarried. Before remarriage, she proposed three conditions for her current husband: to be good to Zhang Yuhuans two sons; not to prevent her from visiting Zhang Yuhuans mother; not to stop her from visiting Zhang Yuhuan.

Zhang Yuhuans ex-wife song xiaonu: he (Zhang Yuhuan) loves me so much, shouldnt I do anything for him? His business is mine. Every time I go to see him, I want to hold him. Every time I feel so sad and helpless, I will think like this. If Zhang Yuhuan is here, it would be nice to hold and reduce pressure. When I go to see him, I would like to hold Zhang Yuhuan.

In 2017, the intervention of the two lawyers ushered in a turnaround in the case review of Zhang Yuhuan. After another three years of waiting, this unjust case with only guilty confession and no direct evidence was finally rehabilitated. On August 4, Jiangxi Provincial Higher Peoples court revoked the original judgment and declared Zhang Yuhuan innocent, and the wronged person known to have been detained for the longest time in China was finally cleared.

Zhang Yuhuan: what I want is to see my mother. She has not been filial to her for a long time. She must miss me very much. When she holds my mother, her face is full of tears. Song Xiaonv fainted, is very excited, do not know what reason. I told my son that I couldnt hug her tomorrow. I wanted to hug her, but I thought she couldnt accept it.

27 years ago, he used the BP machine. 27 years later, he first touched his mobile phone and the air conditioner remote control. Out of touch with the society, he has no intention of catching up with the times. He is satisfied to sleep in his own bed and take a picture with his family as he wishes. He hoped that his ex-wife and son would return to their respective families. He only needed to divide a few acres of farmland, and then return to be a farmer to honor his old mother. For the future, he is going to apply for state compensation, and for those who abuse their power and ignore the law, it is time to pursue the blame.

Zhang Yuhuans ex-wife song xiaonu: many people have interviewed Zhang Yuhuan and are asking about Zhang Yuhuans accountability. I also want to pursue them, because they hurt my third mother and son family, Zhang Yuhuan is too poor. Is accountability OK? Am I asking too much?

Bai Yansong: Zhang Yuhuan has been wronged for 27 years. The starting point is in 1993. I think about myself. I was 25 years old that year and went into Oriental time and space as a host. This year, I am 52 years old. If I think about the earth shaking changes in life in these 27 years, we can understand how much Zhang Yuhuan lost in his life in these 27 years? I hope that Zhang Yuhuans road of life will be smoother and more happy in the future. I hope that there will be no more such wrong cases in the future. Some of them in the past can be corrected quickly. No ones life can stand the ups and downs.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Zhang Yuhuan village doctor: the police said that no one tried to redress his grievances, or he would have gone out earlier. More details of Zhang Yuhuans case revealed: Confessions contradicted, but he was convicted twice. Three days and three nights after Zhang Yuhuans acquittal: like a moment from 1993. Source: CCTV news client editor: Hua Chengyu_ NBJ11143