Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC, said that the United States is not strong in restricting China, and the organizers responded

 Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC, said that the United States is not strong in restricting China, and the organizers responded

It home learned that Zhang Rujing mentioned that if China keeps ahead in 5g technology, China will be far ahead in communication, artificial intelligence, cloud service and so on in the future, because China is very strong in the field of high-tech application. In some places, China is very strong, such as packaging and testing. As for the equipment, lithography, what, we are a big gap. If we focus on the materials, manufacturing and design of three generations of semiconductors. I dont think the gap between us in terms of materials is very big.

In response, WeChat official account Jinsha River capital issued the statement on CITIC Securities and Jinsha River capital to media reports on Zhang Rujings speech in August 8th.

Recently, the media published articles with the title of Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC: the United States is not so strong in restricting China. The title of the article is eye-catching, but the title does not correspond to the focus of the meeting. We understand the good intentions of the author, but it may bring some adverse effects on the development of the third generation semiconductor and reviewers. After detailed communication with the guests and friends in the industry, we decided to send a document to express our opinions. The reviewer accepted the invitation of CSC securities and Jinshajiang capitals third generation semiconductor online conference, hoping to share their views on the third generation semiconductor by explaining the knowledge of the third generation semiconductor, In order to help the industry friends deepen the understanding and support of the third generation semiconductor. However, some articles in the media, with too strong headlines, one-sided emphasis on the opposition between China and the United States, deviated from the theme and theme of the conference. The development of semiconductor has greatly changed and enriched human life, relying on the cooperation of global industrial chain. The recent Sino US relations have broken this balance, but this unusual opposition may soon move closer to the direction of rational cooperation. While striving for internal circulation through self-reliance, China Semiconductor should not forget to focus on the world, learn from each others strengths, and connect friends and forces that can be connected.

The development of semiconductor in China not only depends on the efforts of semiconductor people, but also needs the support of society and even the media. No matter the relationship between China and the United States, or the development of Chinas semiconductor, we hope that we can treat and analyze rationally. Promoting long-term international cooperation, trying to turn enemies into friends, and mutual benefit is the right way!

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