A big change in Chelseas defence? 20 million for stone rice

 A big change in Chelseas defence? 20 million for stone rice

After the defeat, Chelsea manager Frank Lampard said: its a good exercise for us to play against a strong team with rich experience in the Champions League like Bayern. Many of our players have participated in the Champions League for the first time. This time they have gained experience and I firmly believe that we will come back. This Chelsea team is still developing and last year we lost Azar, one of the best players in the Premier League. We have won the top four in the Premier League this season and secured our place in the Champions League next season, which is warmly congratulated, but it also shows where we are at the moment

Lampard continued: next we will rest and look forward to improvement. Is this a successful season? Its hard to evaluate from the inside. I leave this question to the outside. Building a team doesnt work overnight, were doing well at the moment, but we want more. We have to be humble, work hard and understand that it will take time. But what I see here is a very good group of players who have worked very hard this season and will continue to work next season

In the 38 rounds of the Premier League this season, Chelsea have lost 54 goals, ranking 11th in the Premier League, which is obviously not the standard of a Premier League power. Mirror pointed out that if received the appropriate offer this summer, Christensen, Zuma, Ludwig and other central defenders may be sold by Chelsea, while tommori may be loaned to the French team for training.

Previously, Chelsea have signed zieh, Werner and other strong reinforcements, and are still looking forward to the high price of Hafez, but these are front court players, and the teams poor defense needs to be improved. According to the mirror, Chelsea are looking for Manchester city centre back Rafael stone. City signed defender Aker for 41 million pounds this summer, further reducing stones position in the team.

Stone joined Manchester City in 2016, but he has been a substitute this season and coach Guardiola seems to have lost faith in him. For the 26 year old, a move to another team for a regular place could save his career. There have been rumours of an affair between stone and West Ham, but Chelsea manager Frank Lampard believes he can help him recover and is willing to offer 20 million pounds for him.

In addition, the sun revealed that Lampard also wanted to bring in West Ham player Dirk rice, 21-year-old from the youth training team of Chelsea, who performed well at West Ham this season and was named the teams player of the season. Rice mainly plays in the back, but has also played in the center back position, Lampard wants to sign rice to solve the teams defense problems. However, West Ham want to keep rice, unless the offer reaches 70 million pounds.

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