Three cadres of the political and legal system in Guangshui, Hubei Province, were hunted. Why did the anti gangster become the underworld protectors?

 Three cadres of the political and legal system in Guangshui, Hubei Province, were hunted. Why did the anti gangster become the underworld protectors?

A complaint letter opens the umbrella

According to the investigation by the public security department, since 2013, Yang Guoyou has wantonly issued usury in Guangshui City, and in the process of extorting debts, he has carried out a series of suspected illegal and criminal acts, resulting in many debtors and enterprises being forced to stop production or even go bankrupt.

In the early morning of April 23, 2017, Suizhou Public Security Bureau went to many places to arrest members of Yang Guoyous criminal gang involved in underworld and evil. After that, Yang Guoyous brother Yang Guoliang went to Zhou Feng and asked him to intercede with the public security department for his brother Yang Guohongs suspected crime of causing trouble. Zhou Feng said hello to Zhang Mou, deputy chief procurator of Guangshui peoples Procuratorate, trying to change the charge for Yang Guohong so as to obtain bail pending trial. At the same time, Zhou Feng also disclosed to Yang Guoliang secret matters in criminal investigation.

On August 21, 2018, Cheng Hua, former president of Guangshui peoples court, reported to Zhou Feng that the court planned to release two members of Yang Guoyous triad case on bail due to the insufficient number of detention rooms in Guangshui city. At that time, Zhou Feng was traveling abroad. He simply asked by telephone whether the trial would be affected. After listening to Cheng Huas answer, which met the legal requirements and had been studied and approved by the trial committee, he agreed without even asking the name of the person on bail. As a result, the court violated the rules and imposed bail on Chen Fuchao (Yang Guoyous brother-in-law) and Zou Fenfen Fen.

After knowing that Chen Fuchao was identified as an active participant in Yang Guoyous criminal case by the public security organ, Zhou Feng did not take effective measures to correct it. Instead, Zhou Feng said in a phone call with Yang Guoliang, if I dont nod, can he (Chen Fuchao) come out?

After Yang Guoyous umbrella case occurred, the supervision commission of Suizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection quickly set up a special group to carry out the review and investigation according to the investigation scheme of multiple attacks and multi-point linkage, and coordinated the Municipal Public Security Bureau to set up a special team for special docking.

In the end, Zhou Feng was expelled from the party and public office and sentenced to four years imprisonment. Cheng Hua and Zou Fen Fen Fen, the defendant involved in the black case, asked Hu Guotang to entertain and accept his invitation twice. Knowing that the triad related personnel could not be released on bail, Cheng Hua still discussed with the chief judge, gave a green light to the gang members, and illegally handled bail pending trial for Chen Fuchao and Zou Fenfen. As a result, Cheng Hua was removed from the partys post and government affairs, and demoted to an ordinary cadre.

Zhang Jiuchun, former member of the judicial committee of Guangshui Municipal Peoples court and former president of the comprehensive court of juvenile cases, accepted Hu Guotangs invitation and received 5000 yuan in cash as the chief judge of the case. At the same time, Zhang Jiangchun, the driver of Guangshui peoples court, the client of Chen Fuchao, another black related defendant, learned that Zhang Jiuchun was in a hurry to pay off his foreign debt. After learning that Zhang Jiuchun was in a hurry to repay his foreign debt, he took the initiative to coordinate the gang members to borrow 50000 yuan to Zhang Jiuchun to repay his personal debts. Finally, when Cheng Hua decided to bail the defendants Chen Fuchao and Zou Fenfen for trial, Zhang Jiuchun chose tacit cooperation, and when the Suizhou intermediate peoples court decided that the Guangshui peoples court should immediately arrest Chen Fuchao and Zou Fenfen and send them to Suizhou detention center for custody, they were detained in Guangshui city against the decision of higher authorities As a result, two defendants were held in the same cell. Zhang Jiuchun was thus double opened.

Yang Guoyou got to know Xu Shuhua, the former police officer and doctor of the detention center in Xiaochang County, Xiaogan City, when he was detained in another place because of fighting with the detainees. At that time, Xu Shuhua was heavily in debt. In order to collect money and repay the debt, he took the initiative to stick up with Yang Guoyou and act as the messenger between Yang Guoyou and the outside world.

During Yang Guoyous custody, Xu Shuhua, in the name of taking Yang Guoyou out of the hospital for medical treatment for three times, arranged for Yang Guoyou to meet with his son-in-law Gao Pengfei and others in the hospital where they were treated. Xu Shuhua was on the sidelines. In addition, Xu Shuhua also had some problems, such as taking advantage of his position to help prisoners coordinate the change of compulsory measures, commutation of sentence, and accepting bribes of more than 300000 yuan from relatives of detainees. For this reason, Xu Shuhua was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

We firmly adhere to the position of trial responsibility, accurately identify and crack down on the umbrella of underworld and evil forces, and earnestly control the facts, evidence, procedures and application of laws Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the case trial room of Suizhou Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Why do the anti black men become the black guards

The reason why Zhou Feng and others were successfully hunted by the underworld and evil forces is not that the underworld forces are skillful in their means and powerful in power. The core factor is nothing more than the trading of power and money and the driving of interests. When analyzing the case, the special case group of Suizhou Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out that Yang Guoyous umbrella case exposed some prominent problems, such as the lack of ideals and beliefs of some cadres in Guangshui citys political and legal organs, the weak sense of discipline and law, and the distorted concept of power.

According to the investigators, Zhou Feng became keen on making friends with businessmen after he gained power. For the sake of brotherly feelings, Zhou Feng gradually developed into a man who did not pay attention to principles, ignored Party discipline and state law, and engaged in power and money trading, breaking through the discipline and legal bottom line that should be adhered to, and finally fell into the Brotherhood righteousness and ended in a tragic end.

Different from Zhou Feng, Zhang Jiuchun fell on the human relationship pass. In her letter of repentance, she wrote, in dealing with the criminal cases involving Yang Guoyou, I wanted to control myself and not accept money and things. However, relatives and friends of the accused always approached me with various relationships, excuses and reasons, trying to do something very affectionate and infiltrate into my life and thoughts.

Combing the case, we can find that the power anomie is the common shadow of their fall. Driven by greed, Xiong Chuancheng tried his best to realize his power and became the umbrella of Yang Guoyou and other illegal elements. During his four years in office, he decided to stop the execution of administrative detention and ask for leave for 21 times.

The reason why some black and evil related personnel engage in criminal activities brazenly is that they have grasped the characteristics of individual law enforcement officers who regard money as their life. Since Xu Shuhua became Yang Guoyous messenger with the outside world, he still provided his personal mobile phone to Yang Guoyou, asking him to contact Gao Pengfei, knowing that the prisoners in the detention center could not communicate with the outside world. Even in order to avoid telephone investigation and prosecution, Xu Shuhua reminded Gao Pengfei to buy two old-age machines and re process the numbers, and then he took one of them into the detention center for Yang Guoyou to talk to Gao Pengfei. At the same time, Xu Shuhua helped Yang Guoyou pass on the case complaint materials, defense opinions and other case related materials twice, so as to facilitate Yang Guoyou to grasp the progress of the case in real time. In order to thank Xu Shuhua for his help, Yang Guoyou promised to give Xu Shuhua 200000 yuan thank you fee after the case was settled. After that, Xu Shuhua received a total of 32000 yuan in cash due to changes in the circumstances of the case.

Zhou Fengs series of cases once again alerted us that we should strictly manage and supervise the team. In case of any abnormality, we should not only have the ability to discover in time , but also carry out targeted ideological and political education in an all-round way to ensure that similar cases will not repeat. Guangshui municipal Party committee, political and Legal Committee of the relevant responsible person said.

According to the analysis of the relevant persons in charge of the supervision commission of Suizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, there are problems in the whole chain from the illegal examination and approval of the Secretary of the political and Legal Commission, the illegal decision of the president of the court, and the illegal detention of the head of the detention house, which indicates that there are problems in the internal and external supervision, the standardized use of power and the supervision of key minority in the municipal political and legal system.

He said that it is necessary to strengthen supervision and restriction, truly combine the scientific allocation of power with effective supervision of Party members and cadres, further standardize the law enforcement and friendship making behaviors of cadres in the political and legal system, and establish a full process record, whole process supervision and accountability mechanism in the political and legal system, with the help of media and mass supervision, Let the umbrella of the evil forces nowhere to hide.

Negative cases sound the alarm

Your unit is requested to organize and carry out rectification activities of work style and discipline in combination with Yang Guoyous case of umbrella involved in the underworld, deeply find out the loopholes in cadre education and management, improve the rules and regulations, establish and improve the long-term mechanism, and report the handling results to our Committee by letter within one month. In order to promote the reform of Yang Guoyous umbrella case, the supervision commission of Suizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued disciplinary inspection proposals and supervision proposals to the relevant departments of Guangshui City, clearly defining the rectification responsibility to specific units and personnel, promoting the unit to plug the loopholes in the system, establishing a long-term mechanism, and promoting the effective connection between deep excavation and permanent treatment. At present, 25 proposals for Discipline Inspection and supervision have been issued.

Suizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the proposal on Ecological discipline inspection of political and legal organs in Guangshui city to Guangshui municipal Party committee, requiring Guangshui Municipal Committee to strengthen warning and discipline law education and plug up institutional loopholes in the exposed problems such as inadequate ideological education and lack of supervision on power operation.

At the same time, Suizhou municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs quickly took action to publicize typical cases, hold warning education meetings, compile warning records of typical cases, shoot warning educational films, and organize discipline inspection and supervision cadres to publicize cases. Such warning education should be carried out more, which will help us a lot. Zhang, who was not long after the police of Guangshui City Public Security Bureau, said that the living cases around us have made us deeply educated and alerted, so we must learn from them.

Aiming at the problems exposed in the case, Guangshui organized the five ones activities, namely, giving a clean party lesson, signing a clean government commitment, carrying out a criticism and self-criticism, sorting out a list of systems, forming a rectification report, so as to maximize the effect of investigating and handling a case, educating a group of cadres, improving a set of systems, and solving a class of problems.

In order to further enhance the effect of warning education, Suizhou Discipline Inspection Commission also explored the Online + offline warning education mode. On line, relying on the website of Suizhou and WeChat official account, the website and telephone will be announced, and the work will be released in time. Offline carries out publicity and education activities through various forms and channels, such as visiting warning education bases, attending court trials, and so on. It also promotes the masses understanding of the protective umbrella of the special struggle against the underworld and evil forces and the fight against the underworld and evil forces by distributing publicity brochures, playing propaganda films, and answering questions and answers with prizes, mobilizing the masses to provide clues of criminal cases related to underworld and evil, and condensing punishing corruption and taking umbrellas power.

(the original title was the former Secretary of the political and legal committee, the president of the court, and the director of the detention house in Guangshui City, Hubei Province, who were hunted by the underworld forces and occupied by the enemy.)

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