The residents were awakened by the howling in the early morning. The scene was covered with blood

 The residents were awakened by the howling in the early morning. The scene was covered with blood

I killed pigs here at 3:22 in the middle of the night. Its still here at more than five oclock. It should be about two months ago, because I have just moved to this community. After I moved here, I heard about three oclock in the middle of the night, every three to five, about a week or so, I could hear the sound of killing pigs and howling. It was in this position.

Through the video provided by the residents, we can see that the people who kill pigs in Youjia Street are very skilled, and the tools for killing pigs are also very complete, including hammers, pig knives and cauldrons. Pigs will be slaughtered with boiling water to remove hair. After decomposition, the pork will be pulled to Tongji Street on the side of Aida No.1 community for sale.

The butcher will be here tomorrow.

It is convenient for vendors to kill pigs and sell meat. However, the sound of killing pigs in the early morning has brought great trouble to the surrounding residents. Especially when parents lead their children to pass Youjia street, the children are scared by the bloody pig killing scene.

It has a great impact on the children, because it is bloody. When the children look at it, they are very afraid. It is also full of blood. There are also pig calls. Every time the children go, they dare not look at it. The scream of pigs is very serious.

Heilongjiang Province livestock and poultry slaughtering management regulations stipulates that livestock and poultry should be slaughtered at fixed points and centralized quarantine system. No unit or individual may engage in slaughtering activities of livestock and poultry without being designated. What worries the residents is that not only one pig vendor is slaughtering and selling pigs near their residential area. Recently, some people in Tongji street near the community even began to draw lines to go out of the morning market. They are worried that more people will slaughter and sell livestock near the community.

On August 3, we suddenly found that the names of all the peddlers in Tongji street were all marked with the names of selling seasonings and killing pigs and sheep, which made us very afraid. Because they killed and sold on the street, how could we live in this community.

On the morning of August 8, when the reporter came to the scene, no one was found killing pigs on the street. Urban management law enforcement officers told reporters that recently they have also received reports from residents. After investigation, most of the people who kill pigs around Aida No.1 community are the original stall vendors on Yichun road.

Wang Xiaoping learned from the vendors that they had a wechat group, and the owners would inform them where to set up their stalls. Tongji street and Youjia street near Aida No.1 are the new targets of the vendors. In the reporters interview, law enforcement officers suddenly found that some vendors came to Tongji street to draw lines privately and delineate the area.

Peddler: he used to be in charge of the collection there. He said that this place was established. Everyone who originally sold vegetables and meat came here. Anyway, Im a meat seller. I have tickets. Im the meat on the market.

Law enforcement officer: now the market has been banned, that is, our care is the same as that of Yichun road. You should know something about it, that is, you are not allowed to do it, because you have not been approved by any unit, and you slaughtered live sheep, live cattle and other things here, and have not passed any inspection and quarantine by any department, so dont come in the future u3002

Vendor: OK, OK, OK.

Wang Xiaoping told reporters that since recent weeks, they have stepped up the inspection of this area, but some vendors still come here to kill pigs and set up stalls like guerrillas. Next, they will be assigned to guard the area near Aida one from night.

We arranged personnel to strictly guard against death, which also reached the standard of care in Yichun road. In this large episode, we arranged personnel to stay at this place from 1:00 to 2:00 a.m. the day before, and dissuade them from leaving in time.

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