Its too difficult to mass produce alpha

 Its too difficult to mass produce alpha

In September 2019, Xiaomi released a surround screen mixalpha with 180.6% of the screen. At that time, Lei Jun was expected to be listed at the end of the year at a price of 19999 yuan. According to Lei Jun, mixalpha started research and development two years ago, and 1000 engineers were invested before and after, with a total investment of 500 million yuan.

Lei Jun mentioned at that time that Xiaomi released mixalpha on the 5g time node.

For this screen, Xiaomi employees gave it a name surround screen.

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Xiaomi mixalpha (source: Netease technology report)

Surround screen is a double folded flexible screen, which needs innovative screen fitting mode and whole machine assembly mode. Lei Jun said that many black technologies were hidden behind the mixalpha surround screen, such as layered surround lamination technology, 360 u00b0 protective material lamination and embedded assembly technology. Mixalphas chin is as narrow as 2.15mm.

In terms of front-end camera, Liu Hai screen, water drop screen, hole digging screen, pop-up full screen, mixalpha surround screen directly flip the mobile phone, and the rear camera can be used as front camera.

How to prevent accidental touch is the most headache we need to solve. We mainly solve this problem by multi-sensor and AI algorithm. Lei Jun said.

The surround screen mixalpha can accurately identify the currently used screen through multi-sensor + AI algorithm to suppress touch in other areas. When pressure sensing is recognized, touch commands can be dynamically assigned.

The surround screen mixalpha uses 100 million pixel ultra high definition camera + 20 million ultra wide angle camera + 12 million portrait camera. Equipped with high pass snapdragon 855 + processor.

In March this year, Lei Jun issued an internal letter, saying that since 2019, the company has set up a millet Technology Award, which will award a $1 million prize to the core R & D personnel of the project with the highest technical achievements in the whole year. In 2019, this award will be shared by 10 engineers of Xiaomi mixalpha project.

Extended reading of Microsofts statement implies no responsibility for interruption of supply? This agreement has long been in the U.S. media: tiktok will sue the trump government in the United States as soon as possible on the 11th, attracting the company to sell chips to Huawei. Source: Netease technology report editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541