The Gunners top management insists on selling a man to annoy tarshu. Think about how hard Arsene was in the past

 The Gunners top management insists on selling a man to annoy tarshu. Think about how hard Arsene was in the past

It is understood that Arsenal have put Niles on the shelf and welcome all offers for the 22-year-old. According to the mirror, Arsenal have told Niles that he can leave despite his impressive performance in the FA Cup final. Niles is a youngster from Arsenals own youth training and joined Arsenal at the age of six.

Niless contract with Arsenal is due to expire in 2023, and Arsenal executives are selling him mainly to raise funds for the summer window. The daily mail revealed that Arsenal want to sign Atleticos Thomas and Lilles Gabriel and they also want to buy out sevarios loan contract. To achieve these three goals, Arsenal are expected to invest 100 million pounds, and the Gunners can not get so much money at present, so they have to sell people first.

At present, the senior management of Arsenal intend to sell Niles, gondozzi, torrela and papastasopoulos. Arteta did not agree to sell Niles. He begged the senior management to change their mind but failed. Niless technique is very comprehensive, but also very fast, he can play many positions, many gun fans also cant understand the decision of the high-level.

According to the post, Tottenham boss Jose Antonio wants to buy Niles. If Tottenham really sign Niles, the fans will be extremely embarrassed, and they will certainly set off a wider range of anti Kroenke. Arsenals bid for Niles is 30 million pounds, but Spurs are confident that they can close the deal for 20 million pounds. In addition to Tottenham, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Fulham also want Niles. Interestingly, these teams are all in London, and Niles may not have to move.

Its not the first time that Arsenals top management has done this, despite the coachs opposition and insisting on selling the main players in the team. During Arsene Wengers tenure, Arsenal have sold the teams main force and even the core for many times, so they have been put on the hat of selling captain if nothing is OK. As a manager, naturally, Arsene does not want to sell those players, but for the sake of the teams economic situation and overall operation, he can only compromise. After Arsene Wenger left office, Arsenals record continued to be low. This season, the Gunners are only eighth in the Premier League, their lowest league ranking since 1995.

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