She won the international prize, but said her life was a failure

 She won the international prize, but said her life was a failure

The older you get, the more freedom you feel

What is a poor woman who doesnt marry and has no children?

In the secular sense, people will give her some ugly labels.

But Xu Anhua tells you with his own life experience - not bad!

Xu Anhua, 73 years old, is still working hard at the front line of directors and is still launching new works.

After 60, no one said that again, so I feel very free.

Last month, the Venice International Film Festival awarded the lifetime achievement award to Xu Anhua.

Although this news has been submerged in all kinds of hot search, but still to say, Xu Anhua is too good! In a male dominated film industry, with hard work, persistence, concentration and talent, Xu Anhua has achieved first-class standards.

Im a failure in my life

Mr. Hui participated in the second season of the reader, the theme of which was missing..

Xu Anhua missed her teachers Hu Jinquan and Xie Jin. She felt that the teachers life was very successful, but she was very unsuccessful.

Dong Qing asked: where is the failure?

Xu Anhua said: my personal life is a blank. I didnt develop my interest well. I didnt understand the rest except reading books and the tools for filming. Then I didnt get married, I didnt have children, and I didnt have the experience that many people have.

A successful directors evaluation of himself turned out to be a loser..

In the face of life and life, Xu Anhua is not confident.

Ye Rutang is a retired English teacher who lives alone in Mordor Shanghai.

During the cultural revolution, she was well matched with Anshan in Northeast China and married a worker.

She carefully manages the interesting life, chatting with her neighbors and flattering herself.

Seeing that her child was seriously ill and making a living, the country woman felt pity and took her home to be a nanny, and took care of food and drink.

My sisters son came to visit leniently, and she took good care of

Pan Zhichang is good-looking and talkative, especially good at making old women happy.

He coaxed ye Rutang into rapture.

Ye Rutang fell in love with him, and they started to love without reservation.

In order to please pan Zhichang, ye Rutang wore his own red swimsuit to swim. As a result, the swimming pool was stained with blood..

Next, ye Rutangs life was as helpless, embarrassed and hopeless as he was floating in the swimming pool.

The man she was pleased with was a liar who had cheated her out of money.

The rest is anger and despair.

Ye Rutang accepted his life and went back to the northeast with his daughter. He lived a poor life.

She set up a stall in the open-air market in winter and winter. Her eyes were lost. She took out the big white steamed bread and picked up the dishes in the lunch box with her hands. Several grains of snow stuck on the gray purple turban, which also made ye Rutangs heart covered with dust.

The first part is a hilarious comedy, funny and funny; the second part is a complete tragedy, which makes people feel cold.

The film was shot in 2006, when Xu Anhua was several years older than his aunt..

She came to the mainland from Hong Kong to film. She cooperated with screenwriter Li Qiang for the first time. She chose a theme that the mainland directors did not dare to touch, telling the story of a woman abandoned by the times.

How brave is it for a director who is used to writing about Hong Kong life to leave his comfort zone and come to a strange environment to shoot a theme and background he does not know very well.

Ye Rutang tried his best to pursue himself, but he was defeated in front of life.

Did they fail?

Of course not. Its just the state and choice of life.

Im no longer afraid of aging and being down and out

What should I do when I get old?

Xu Anhua made a brave exploration in the film sister peach.

This film is adapted from real people.

Sister Tao is a maid. Her life experience is rough. She was displaced in her childhood. She got her job only after she arrived at the Liang family.

After the Liang family immigrated to the United States, old sister Tao stayed in Hong Kong to take care of her young master, Roger.

Occasionally, a stroke made sister Taos health worse and worse. She couldnt work any more.

Roger was busy with his work, and sister Tao wanted to save face. He didnt want to drag him down, so he went to the nursing home and insisted on paying for it.

Sister Tao said to Roger: how much is the nursing home?

Roger said, you dont have to pay. Ill do it.

Peach said firmly: No, I have money, I give it myself.

When she arrived at the nursing home, she found that the environment was terrible.

Old people are just like children. Some of them are clamoring to go back to the countryside every night. Some people cant take care of themselves when they eat. Some like to teach others as teachers. Some like to inquire about other peoples private affairs. Some like to borrow money from her

Suddenly into a strange environment, peach sister is very uncomfortable.

Love clean she cant stand the dust on the table, so she cleans it by herself.

Fortunately, with Toro Roger, she has a small single room. Roger often came to see her, brought her some daily necessities, talked to her about daily life, and went out for a walk together.

It seems that it is also to make up for the emotional consolation of sister Taos childlessness. A smile at each other is the most intimate and warm moment.

Sister Tao is nervous and happy, like a child.

After the event, Roger took sister Taos hand behind his back and asked her if the movie was good! How can not look good, those people do not understand! But I think you just fell asleep! No, no! My eyes were sour!

These naughty excuses cant hide the warmth, just like a mother would encourage her children.

Although Roger is as good to sister peach as a dry son, she is always lonely.

During the Spring Festival, family members are taken home to celebrate the Spring Festival.

In her new clothes, she sits alone on the sofa in the nursing home watching TV.

She is the only one who knows her loneliness and regret.

Sister peach is the closest film to old age and death.

The original intention of making this film is to understand the coming old age

When I was young, I tried my best to discuss the heavy and grand propositions through my own films. When I was old, I was more willing to pay attention to the birth, death and inner state of ordinary people.

The film was made in 2011, when Xu Anhua was 64 years old. When she was creative, she was just preparing for her old age.

This is the saddest life, but the happiest life

Seeing Xu Anhuas films is a good cure.

Dont worry about being ignored or ridiculed, because you are not alone at any time.

In addition to the film, Xu Anhua shows women another way to live -- she is a legend.

Xu Anhua was born in Anshan, Liaoning Province in 1947. He grew up in Hong Kong and is still unmarried.

She devoted all her time and energy to the film.

Compared with other directors who have the same achievements as her, Xu Anhuas life is too simple, which can be said to be an alien.

She has no house or car. She takes the subway when she goes out. She is often short of money when filming.

Life has been very tight, have time to shoot advertising, to school teaching to help make up for life.

She is plain faced, wearing mushroom head and black glasses all year round.

Walking on the red carpet, wearing a black dress again and again.

The most outstanding directors in Anhua cant be established here.

Is it not a womans attitude that a woman pursues her career and makes extraordinary achievements?

Its no harm to have regrets in life.

The saddest life is nothing but this, and the happiest life is nothing more than this, said Xu. So, I think my life is magnificent.


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