All the results, reveal and help each other: the inside story behind lucky is 10000 times more terrible than you think

 All the results, reveal and help each other: the inside story behind lucky is 10000 times more terrible than you think

This dialogue was photographed and put on the Internet, which soon aroused heated discussion

Some people say that lying on the ground and pouting their buttocks, any girl who normally wears a skirt wont do this action, just want to take sexy photos, why dont you admit it?

Who is right and who is wrong in this matter? Everyone has his own ideas, and I will not say much about it.

What I really want to say is that there is a terrible phenomenon behind this incident:

They also went to public places to play outdoor exposure;

Many people even offer off-line assistance, with prices ranging from 3000 to 10000 yuan per night.

15, high school

Open chest, naked, sleeping with

The name lucky comes from Japan, Ji means princess, and welfare is a special gift for customers.

Fudge is a girl with the name of two dimensions, playing the edge of soft porn, selling her own large-scale photos and videos to obtain money and fame.

In recent years, there have been more and more news about lucky girl. Their scale is so large that people are astonished.

Some time ago, Guangzhou Manzhan, a girl in the photo, suddenly lifted up her shirt, revealing her haughty upper circumference;

After that, he put on all kinds of provocative actions;

Not satisfied with her bust, she also lifted up her skirt and let the photographers around her shoot wildly.

Even, some people have taken a larger scale of her private photos, the privacy part is almost at a glance.

Netizens quickly found out the girls information. It turned out that she was a lucky girl who made money by selling large-scale photos. There were many private photos of her on the Internet.

In May 2019, a microblog user named Li Shenla disclosed that a certain lucky girl went to the headquarters of station B and took two photos.

In the first picture, she wore a pair of ponytail and sailors clothes, holding her face in her hands, which was very lovely;

In the second picture, she actually lifted up her skirt and let her private part aim at the camera, which showed everything in a glance.

Similar to the lucky, really countless, micro blog and QQ on a lot of.

Many of the photos of Friedrich are not only naked, but also have strong suggestive actions such as eating bananas and licking ice cream.

Surging news has interviewed three flyers, aged between 14 and 16, who are minors.

They said that girls who work in flyers are usually 15-25 years old, of which the golden age is 14-19 years old.

This age group, that is to say, the children in junior high school and high school are about the same age as our sister.

Clearly still a child, but every day bare their own body, so that those indecent men wantonly smile at their own naked photos;

Oh, I really feel sad to think about it.

Five years of nude photos

You can make 500000

Some people may ask, how do these 15-year-old and 16-year-old girls become lucky and how does the industry work?

Freddie: responsible for shooting large-scale pictures and videos, and sometimes helping others;

Gentleman: the person who buys the pictures and videos of Friedrich;

Intermediary: responsible for recruiting friggy and gentlemen.

They have been processed and industrialized, and they pay attention to every step.

If you want to sell a picture, you have to have someone buy it. So the first step for lucky is to attract as many potential customers as possible.

What they do is no different from handing out Miss cards on the main street.

They will publish some normal cos photos on microblogs and other platforms, and attach one or two exposed welfare photos with erotic hints.

Pictures from the Internet

In a certain treasure two-dimensional sex goods store, many flyers also deliberately left photos under the buyers show, in order to attract users.

2u3001 Testing

If you add these accounts, the intermediary will pull you into the welfare group, not immediately start trading.

The other party should test it first to see if you really have the sincerity to spend money.

If you want to join the group, you should give the red envelope first; if you want to add the QQ of lucky, you should also give the red envelope.

The other party will even directly say, dont disturb when youre happy, that is, exclude people who are not willing to spend money.

After entering the group, they will also be asked to buy members. The higher the level, the more photos and the larger the scale.

3u3001 Selling pictures

A reporter added a flyer, after passing a series of tests, the other side gave a price list.

According to the information, the welfare girl is only 17 years old, still in high school, and has been very skilled in doing things.

The reporter estimated that, on average, dew point photos 2 yuan a piece, not dew point 1 yuan 2 pieces.

In order to sell pictures better, these flyers use some very obscene words, which even adults feel embarrassed to look at.

But thats how they said it, and it was so natural.

Its only a step away from selling personal photos to selling peoples bodies.

Because in the eyes of friedie, he is a commodity, from private photos to the body can be sold, but it is just a matter of more money and less money.

After all, one night is worth selling hundreds of picture bags.

So many welfare girls will express or imply on their wechat and QQ: as long as I can afford to pay, I will go out with you.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the price for a nights stay is between 3000 and 8000 yuan. According to the gold owners request, cos can be made as the other party wants.

Every winter and summer vacation, there is also the saying of package mail. The gold owner reimburses the round-trip air tickets. Flyer goes to the city where he lives to eat, play and sleep with him. The gold owner is responsible for all the expenses. He can still earn 2000-5000 yuan a day.

Some of them can earn 100000 yuan a year, and they can earn 500000 or 600000 yuan in five or six years.

Enter the circle = be affected for a lifetime

See here, perhaps some girls will feel itchy:

Ill do it, too. If I make enough money, Ill quit the circle and promise not to sell myself.

I want to say, really do not be too naive, once you enter this circle, there is basically no way back.

You are not the only one who wants to make money on your body. Why do those gold mainly buy your naked photos instead of others?

The above-mentioned Guangzhou Manzhan event, netizens all said that this lucky is to rely on this exposure to make a name.

She couldnt afford a dress of several thousand yuan, a bag and a mobile phone she wanted.

Finally, she found her former clients and made money by selling nude photos and videos.

From thrifty to extravagant is easy, from extravagance to thrifty is difficult.

Man is such an animal that can only go up, not down.

3. Under threat control

Most of them are just ordinary students in the real world, leading ordinary peoples lives.

What they fear most is that they are found to be selling their bodies by their families and friends. Therefore, bad people can often use this to threaten and control them.

She masturbated to the camera in supermarkets and parks, and even undressed and danced in the street.

It was later known that she was lured by a photographer in Xian to take sexy videos and photos of her face, so she was forced to do all this.

Netizens Report

One of her clients lured her into telling her personal information. As a result, the other party came to her and committed sexual violence against her. She also recorded a video and put it on the Internet.

In the end, she suffered from depression, changed her name and left home.

There was also a flyer who wanted to quit, but the agency had her personal information and threatened to pay a high exit fee or send the photos to her family.

Faced with threats, these young girls often have no choice but to succumb to each others erotic authority.

4. Distorted thinking

People who have been lucky will think differently from ordinary people.

There was a welfare girl who was only 18 years old. She liked a boy, but she didnt dare to get close to her.

She felt that she was dirty and was not qualified to like such a boy. She was not worthy of love.

She said that she would not fall in love in this life.

Even if they are in love, they will treat their boyfriends as gold owners and ask them to buy for themselves.

Their reason is - I sleep with others for money, but I dont spend money when you sleep, isnt it a great loss for me?

In their eyes, only by giving money can they tell them that everything is business, and they can no longer feel the love between people.

Theyre all priced

With the popularity of the two-dimensional culture, the group of Friedrich is becoming larger and larger. Maybe there is this girl beside you and me.

They may be the neighbor of the high school or even junior high school girl, see you every day shyly say hello: good morning brother! Good morning, sister

They may also be new interns from your company. They always look timid and dare not say a few words to anyone.

Even, will lie on the bed of other men, let the other side pressure on their own body to vent their desire.

At the beginning, they may also enter the circle with curiosity. They want to make money to buy some clothes they want. If they feel that they have enough money, they will leave the circle and take some sexy photos. They will never sleep with them.

As a result, they want to buy more and more things, and they take off less and less clothes, and finally they go to other peoples beds.

They may not have thought, when they grow up, recall the past, in the end how to face.

They must have never thought that this experience would leave an indelible mark on their hearts and transform them into another person.

They can no longer bear the plain life, can no longer believe in love, can not believe that they are a worthy of love.

There is no shortcut in the world. The shortcut is often the biggest detour.

Any attempt to cut corners will cost you more in the future.

As the famous saying has been repeatedly mentioned:

At that time, she was still young and did not know that the price of all the gifts given by fate had been marked secretly.