What is it like to be concerned?

 What is it like to be concerned?

Its not self-conscious to be worried about. The continuous delicate missing, the tension and uneasiness in his heart for you are turbulent, silent, quiet and fresh. It is like a flock of birds flying out of the top of the mountain forest far away, which is really happening and is not really known by me.

Worry about what is, is a very deep, very deep thing. When it shows up in front of you, its often only shown 1%.

For example, some people, by asking about their work, and the innocuous topic of I know a friend of you, suddenly came to me for a chat. After a long time, when I am bored, I will think about why I am told this.

For example, when I am worried about a person, I feel puzzled. The whole article is full of him. My mood is too soft, and everyone can feel it - but I am afraid of being read by him. Finally, I just asked him that I was not in a good mood today.

How can adults care. This is the only way for adults to care.

I used to like to disturb others with my heart. When I was frustrated, I sent hundreds of words of short messages to boys. The words were full of childish pain. You ignore me, Im really too sad. When I grow up, I cant say anything. I miss a person and want to listen to songs all night. I hate to copy down the lyrics and send them to him. Finally, I just added a high praise reply in the comment area A like.

Concern is the deepest and most difficult emotion in the world. I love you and I cant tell you for various reasons.

Its been a long time. We mean each other clearly, yes, I love you, I care about you, when I dont get back to you one day, I know youve been waiting for me all day, not - I dont know if you mind. Oh, I dont know if youre waiting for someone else.

Our hearts to each other are so clear that we dont need to guess.

I know thats the right feeling.

Chen Dali

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