Poetry | one person, all the way, one life

 Poetry | one person, all the way, one life

Life between heaven and earth, suddenly like a traveler.

Wine is the best way to have fun.

Drive the horse, the game Wan and Luo.

Longqu Luojia lane, wanghouduo Dizhai.

The two palaces are facing each other, and the two palaces are more than a hundred feet.

Whats the need to have fun?

You can see that the pines and cypresses on the mausoleum are green and luxuriant every year. You can see that the small stones in the stream are gradually accumulating into a small hill. We grow up in this vast world, just like a passer-by in a hurry, passing by in a flash, destined to leave our lives.

Cherish every minute and second in your life, do what you want to do, dont hesitate, because this road, every scenery will not be reversed.

Linjiang fairy send Qian Mufu

Song Dynasty: Su Shi

We have to change the fire three times,

Still a smile for spring warm.

Wu Bo Zhen ancient well, there is a festival is Qiu Yun.

Dont frown before you.

Life is like an adverse journey, I am also a pedestrian.

Life on this road ups and downs, experienced to understand the precious feelings.

The way of heaven

Poor all by life, he Lao sighed.

But when you know how to do good, dont ask about your future.

Winter to the ice pan, spring to grass.

On this road of life, both good and bad are scenery.

Life in the world, not all talented people can be smooth sailing. Su Dongpo, a great talent, was relegated again and again because of his political opinions. Du Fu, one of the double stars of Tang poetry, went through the war, and became a Shaoling Yelao who was hard to hate the numerous frost temples.

In this life, sometimes we should learn to forgive ourselves, enjoy the present, strive to strive for everything we want, but we should not ask about the future.

The sand of Huanxi, the drizzle and the breeze make the morning cold

Light smoke sparse willows, Meiqing beach.

Entering the Huaihe River, the Qing Dynasty and the Luohe River gradually spread.

Snow foam milk flower floating noon cup,

The bamboo shoots of Artemisia Polygonum were tested in spring.

The taste of the world is Qinghuan.

But when luxury is exhausted, the pure scenery is the real beautiful scenery of life; after eating big fish and meat, light seasonal vegetables and tea are the real delicacies in the world.

How long have you been lost?


Huineng in Tang Dynasty

Bodhi has no tree, and the mirror is not a platform.

Originally nothing, where to get dust!

This road of life, to walk calmly.

Time is in a hurry, the day is like the sand flowing away from fingers, unable to hold back. Even if we think about you want to borrow from heaven for another 500 years, after a hundred years, we will return the dust to the dust and the earth to the earth. In this case, lets go through this life calmly. For good, enjoy him; for bad, accept him. Dont make your life too hard.

One person, all the way, all my life.

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