Criminal psychology: dear girl, please dont cry for song Shengsheng

 Criminal psychology: dear girl, please dont cry for song Shengsheng


Whats wrong with him? Is it wrong not to be too reckless on the stage? Wanton, let Li Jingtian so abnormal self love. Wantonly, let Li Jingtian use extraordinary means to get him. Besides, he has to torture his body and mind for a long time. This is how dark ah, the key is - how proud and kind-hearted song Shengsheng is, he happened to meet Li Jingtian. As the silent reading says, you cant tell a little girl not to wear a floral dress. There are many villains in the world. You should be glad that you have not met him.


But Song Sheng was not so lucky. Perhaps as a public figure, he has more taboos. First, he was pitifully deceived by Li Jingtian and sympathized with song Shengsheng, and then he was devastated by Li Jingtian in a crazy way. When song Shengsheng began to resist, the other party threatened song Shengsheng with fans. And it really killed song Shengshengs fans. For song Shengsheng, who loves fans and protects them wholeheartedly, how ironic and humiliating it is. He would rather be wronged and jailed than hurt his fans.


But people dont know that the idol they love so long is such a person. The result of the collapse of faith is from great love to great hatred for him. In this way, song Shengsheng stayed in prison for 89 years. He wrote & over and over again, because it was his heart code with his fans. This is what he wants to say to his fans and fans to him. I will be with you before. Unfortunately, he will never hear. After he was released from prison, he chose to die in order to prevent the tragedy of fans. End oneself, solemn and resolute.



As I said, when I was in college, I also liked to write the symbol &. Still want to make it printed. Why? I cant remember, but now its a coincidence. Its a pity that song Shengsheng, the kindest voice of Song Dynasty, said goodbye to her fans. I was born in the sky, longer than the sun. I fly in the wind, never far away. Dear girl, please dont cry for me. Yes, its like song. Worth it, the whole world protects his song voice with love. Hope, heaven has no pain. He can continue to sing freely on the stage