buy a house? love? Making money? How do you balance these? Learn this move, let you break one game after another

 buy a house? love? Making money? How do you balance these? Learn this move, let you break one game after another

In the first year of working in 2017, my family gave me a down payment. I bought a 49 square house, which was just enough for my monthly payment. My familys down payment was still more than 100000 yuan. With the money I saved from small to large, I also bought a small apartment (belonging to small property rights) in tourist attractions for investment.

Why not buy a big house at once? Its because the down payment from the family cant support it, and I cant afford the monthly payment for the big house.

I have been renting a house in Guangzhou since I graduated. Now my small apartment is in tatters. I take back the principal and interest by lawsuit. In addition, the environment of the house I rent in Guangzhou is not good and I want to live in the house I bought myself.

Now my trouble: buying a car is the same as changing a house. I dont know which one to choose?

First, lottery to buy a car and live in my own 49 square house, which means that the monthly payment and the cost of car maintenance decide that I cant change to a bigger house, but Im not willing to live in a small house.

Changing a house also means that my monthly payment pressure will be very high, and I havent bought serious illness insurance. Should I not change it?

At present, I am not so busy working in a foreign-funded hospital, and I need to use English. Now I want to improve my English ability and find a sideline job about English to increase my income.

However, this goal will not be achieved for a while, but it is also a sideline direction, and there is hope.

Anyway, its very tangled now! I have thought about finding a boyfriend to change to a bigger house, but I havent found a suitable one. I feel that I still rely on myself.

Cold love reply:

Seeing this story, I understand very well that we hoped that we could continue to provide life planning columns and even pay courses.

I see too many people, there are such and so life planning issues, like this story as a mess.

Therefore, although we have canceled the column, we still choose to make some space in our daily Q & A to respond to the problem of life planning.

However, I really think that this kind of problem is really worth paying for a course, or combing it out with the help of professional consultants.

Todays story can be sorted out from three aspects: wealth, health and love

First of all, in terms of health, because the night shift was too much for a woman to work before, she changed jobs. This is a health problem.

Secondly, in terms of love, the hostess now wants to find a boyfriend, which is about love.

Finally, lets focus on wealth today.

It can be said that our mistress has made almost all the mistakes a rich Xiaobai can make.

For example, she trampled on cars or houses, whether houses were houses or apartments, and how to buy insurance and learn English.

But very lucky, she once bought a small house, and then this uncompleted building lawsuit, she got back the principal and interest, which is now her basic plate.

What to do at this time?

It is to put all the problems down first and focus all the attention on one point. For example, I think she focuses on solving the car or house problem.

The so-called car or house, for a person who has just worked for a period of time, is sure that the house is conducive to creating a persons saving habit, while the car can only make people develop a greater consumption habit.

Therefore, if the family is not rich, young people should choose a house between the car and the house.

Then, since the female owner has a small house, and also has a recovered principal plus interest, it is certainly possible to change to a larger house.

Maybe it was her dream of Qiandeng lake that delayed her as a native of Foshan.

As a matter of fact, as long as she bought a house in Guangzhou with an acceptable working distance, it would be OK.

The point is, dont rent any more.

Most of the time, we focus our attention on one point at a stage.

I think if the female owner can handle the local housing in Guangzhou, it will save the transportation expenses and the monthly rent.

In addition, the quality of life has increased a lot. At this time, it will be easier to spare time and energy to solve the so-called insurance, or English, or other self-improvement, or invest the main energy to find a boyfriend.

In my opinion, when major battles of life are fought one battle after another, we must not pile up all the problems at the same time, in the same place and at the same stage of life. Otherwise, there will be no clue, no way to focus, no way to win every battle.

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