My chest is peaceful, I always feel inferior in front of him | the root of inferiority complex

 My chest is peaceful, I always feel inferior in front of him | the root of inferiority complex


In the emotional world, only try to do what can be changed

First, things cant be changed;

For example, a girls original family, a boys inherent height, this is what we cant change.

What we can do is try to make the best of everything we can change.

As for the operation of self change, the most basic and important first step is to make a detailed list of all the things we can improve.

Then we can make improvements one by one. During the listing period, we can ask our friends who have recognized us in the aspect that we want to change, and ask them to help us list our existing problems one by one.

Take a boys inferiority complex height as an example. He cant change his height, but you can imagine that his hair style and clothes must have room for improvement.

If we really improve all the areas we can improve, and if we do gradually improve, our overall situation will certainly be greatly improved.

As for the things we cant change, take a boys height as an example. If his height is not dominant, then he can learn from Guo Jingming, just like Guo Jingming, and treat this matter with a humorous and free attitude.

Since we havent accumulated enough confidence, we should continue to improve what we can improve and continue to advance. When we have improved almost all the areas we can improve (of course, we should not be too aggressive. It is important to grasp the sense of propriety). Naturally, we will treat the matter of inferiority with a relaxed and witty attitude.


How to overcome inferiority in feelings?

If you can take the girl you admire as an example, thats a good thing.

But because of their inferiority complex, this kind of girls not only do not learn from each other, but compare themselves with each other, so it is easy to have this tendency of self attack in front of girls who are envious and envious.

Therefore, in fact, sometimes inferiority comes from oneself, not from the other side.

Even if your partner thinks of yourself in this way, you can actually stop your partner from evaluating yourself.

The key is that we should make clear how such inferiority and low evaluation are formed?

The reason why our partner is with us must also be because we have our own advantages. This kind of unilateral self-evaluation is unreasonable.

As for evasion, it may be more serious than inferiority complex.

To avoid the problem, the problem has not disappeared. The most important thing is to suppress it and let it hide deeper, which will only make the problem more serious.

My advice is very simple. Communicate your ideas with your partner.

It should be noted that we should not seek affirmation and comfort in communication, but only express our insecurity to the other party in a practical and realistic way.

It can be said to him like this: I tell you my problems, one is inferiority, the other is that I want to escape, I want to seek your help.

If you communicate with him in a peaceful way, you may find a different experience.

Of course, in the emotional world, there is only one possibility to overcome inferiority, transcend inferiority, and gain real self-confidence. That is, we have found a person who really recognizes us.

They care about us, and then we find that they recognize us. When its all about self-confidence, well find out.

On this basis, if your social circle is not wide enough and you havent met the right person, its more important to implement your actions into your life.

Expand the social circle and really communicate with the opposite sex, so that we may meet the TA who really recognizes us.

On the road of self-development, if we meet a person who likes us, the other party will accept everything we have according to the order. The other party doesnt care about our education background and height, and can feel happy just by our existence.

I think when that day comes, you will understand what Im talking about today.


As I mentioned above, many people have a sense of inferiority only in their feelings, or because of the social environment or the formation of their own character in the process of growing up. In my opinion, these belong to the inferiority complex of post genius.

There is also a kind of inferiority, which is the inferiority of the original family and the inferiority of birth.

Here, I would like to share some of my experiences.

It is a very difficult process to get rid of the inferiority complex of this kind of birth.

My personal experience started with my own economic independence.

From my first part-time job and my first part-time job, I gradually gained enough income to support myself. Then I no longer have to worry about my future survival. I will gradually establish the most basic self-confidence on the most basic food problems of my own survival.

Then, I make friends with those people who have a better family background, and gradually find that they have their troubles. They may also bear the same deep pain as our inferiority complex for birth, but only in different aspects of pain.

Just as a girl may suffer from the fact that she has no money at home to learn talents for her. For those who come from a good family background, they may suffer because they clearly do not like these talents, but their parents will arrange several classes for themselves, and they will always study without winter and summer vacation.

Just as a boy may suffer from the fact that his family needs him to study in school to help him work part-time to earn a little living allowance. Those who are born well may suffer because their parents are worried about their bad study, and they have to lock themselves at home and even play with friends during holidays.

Therefore, we may slowly find that those who are envious of themselves are also suffering. It seems that we do not feel so envious.

Its like a poor person who never has the right to say, whats good about rich people? Money is just a string of numbers. And so on. Its sour when you cant eat grapes.

Theres no point in saying these things until you have them all.

One minute on stage, ten years off stage.

Nothing in the world falls from the sky. Their families are also the result of their parents hard work.

As the so-called thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, we still have a chance to rise.


For the inferiority complex, what should we do to be really useful?

There are a lot of people, not only in the emotional world will feel inferiority, but in the process of growth due to family environment and other aspects of the formation of inferiority personality.

As for the inferiority complex, if we want to change, we must learn to give ourselves time.

Now, I have two suggestions to help these people:

1u3001 To learn to find their own flash point, and learn to get along with the characteristics of the body.

Everything has two sides.

If what we see now is all negative, but as long as we use the right place or think in a different way, we will have completely new ideas.

For example, a person who says hes sensitive is good for many professions. For example, in the field of emotional counseling, sensitivity is an advantage.

Another example is that you are naturally suspicious. On the contrary, can you say that you are good at thinking and quick in thinking?

2u3001 Indulging in the past and the future has no effect, only to solve the current problems is good.

To sum up, if we can change from the above two aspects, I believe that the situation of people with inferiority complex personality will be greatly different.