Like the old woman: I turn, because I still love

 Like the old woman: I turn, because I still love

In this matter, men are relatively more open-minded than women, but they will not be easily let off by women because of his openness.

In their letters to Mingyi, many male readers have a headache about being constantly rummaged by their lovers.

Mr. A, a Changde man, confides in this way: my wife and I have been married for 25 years, and my daughter has been married. We are supposed to be a companion. We have a good relationship, but the most unbearable thing is that she has not been considerate of her every day, or what words I have made her remember for a lifetime. Whats more, I cant understand that she had a bit of conflict with my mother when she was in confinement Today, my mother has been gone for seven or eight years, and my daughter has also given birth to a baby, but my wife scolds my mother in front of her daughter and son-in-law. This old debt is endless...

The most typical one is Mr. C. In his letter to Mingyi, he said: because I lived with my ex girlfriend for eight years, my wife has been breaking up old scores after marriage, and almost got divorced several times In the past two years, I dont know why. Suddenly, it was quiet. She didnt mention the old things. Occasionally, I took the initiative to talk about it. She also looked like she didnt want to hear. I thought she was mature and put it down. But last month, she told me very seriously that she was going to divorce and went to the court to sue. Do you think thats why?

Mingyi thinks that for men, it may be a little foggy for men, and that women are fussy or even trouble free. However, for women, the reason for breaking old accounts is that some things have not passed and you have not put down your heart.

Just like Mr. B, his wife cant let go of her predecessor. Its not that she is envious, but she is too polite when talking about her predecessor. Maybe he exaggerates the kindness of her predecessor, so that her wife lacks a sense of security.

Mingyi believes that women love to turn over old scores, and it must be that men have not handled them properly. One day a woman doesnt turn over old scores, and its not that men do better, but her heart has been desperate and forced to put down.

Once you put it down, the old ones dont exist.

Once you put it down, its not far away.

The woman who turns over old accounts often loves deeply and resents deeply. I turn, because I still love.