Xiao Yaxuan sends sweet video to break up rumors of breaking up with her boyfriend

 Xiao Yaxuan sends sweet video to break up rumors of breaking up with her boyfriend

Huang Hao said a sentence in English. Xiao Yaxuan laughed after listening to it. Then he rolled his big white eyes. Then the camera turned to shoot the night scene. They were standing on the beach, and the wind was a little strong. Some netizens speculated that this is an old video, which was shot abroad. Xiao Yaxuan chose to make it public at this time. It may be the anniversary of the two people.

Previously, Xiao Yaxuans little boyfriend Huang Hao was exposed to physical discomfort, coughing and vomiting blood when he got up and was sent to the hospital for examination. The doctor told Huang Hao that there was no big problem with his body. Maybe he was under too much pressure. He couldnt bear the abnormal reaction. After Huang Hao was discharged from hospital, Xiao Yaxuan reflected on herself. Everyones ability to resist pressure was different. She decided to relax and no longer force her boyfriend to train.

On July 28, Xiao Yaxuan suddenly revealed to his fans that there are big things to happen in my life and said its not a good thing, which triggered heated discussion among netizens. Netizens have speculated that her abnormality is related to her feelings, suspected to have broken down with her boyfriend, and some netizens said that she had the intention to quit the music world. However, after that, Xiao Yaxuan aired the details of the album shooting, and the big event suspected that the album was released, so the fans could rest assured.

Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao have been in love for many years. In August 2019, Xiao Yaxuan made public their love affair. At that time, Taiwan media revealed that they had been photographed together for the night three years ago. In the low tide of Xiao Yaxuans life, Huang Hao was always with her and took care of her. Their relationship was very stable, and they had been on a variety show together.

In 2004, Xiao Yaxuan fell in love with Wang Yangming. In 2006, Xiao Yaxuan and Wang Yangming broke up.

In May 2008, Xiao Yaxuan fell in love with Andrew Lee. In 2009, Xiao Yaxuan broke up with Andrew Lee.

In April 2012, Xiao Yaxuan and Ke Zhendong walked hand in hand along the Taiwan dwarf corridor, and their love affair was exposed. On September 10, Xiao Yaxuan and actor Ke Zhendong officially announced their love. On August 12, 2013, Xiao Yaxuan made it clear that the relationship was stable.

On April 30, 2014, news broke up between Ke Zhendongs relatives and friends, but the managers of both sides also refused to answer the question, making the break-up news more suspicious. In July, Xiao Yaxuan admitted the love affair Elroy and officially ended the relationship with Ke Zhendong. On January 24, 2016, Xiao Yaxuan management company admitted that Xiao Yaxuan and Elroy ended their relationship.

On April 8, 2017, in Ig, I talked about this relationship in 54 words and wrote I will be fine to finish this 7-month relationship. Xiao Yaxuan and 13-year-old golfer Michael (CHEN Ye) break up.

On August 24, 2019, Xiao Yaxuan posted a group photo with her boyfriend Huang Hao on her microblog to announce the love affair, with the text: love means we need to be together, and we have been in love so far.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310