Baby celebrates Ni Ni Nis birthday for seven years in a row

 Baby celebrates Ni Ni Nis birthday for seven years in a row

It is reported that in 2014, baby and Ni Ni met in the film the brides battle. They played a close friend in the film and became good friends in real life. Each year, baby would send an article to celebrate Ni Ni Nis birthday. Now it is the seventh consecutive year.

In fact, this is quite a habit of baby. Every year when Ni Ni has a birthday, baby will send articles to celebrate her birthday. There are no group photos, but just some stills. It happens that Ni Nis plays are hot or about to be broadcast, such as Chen Xi Yuan in 2019 and Tian Sheng long song in 2018. Baby has publicity.

However, some netizens said: this kind of old-fashioned birthday celebration looks very intimate, but in fact it is not, but it is very false. Generally, good sisters get together to have a meal and take a group photo on their birthday. But these two people basically dont meet each other now, let alone have a group photo. Its just plastic friendship.

It is reported that baby and Ni Ni Ni seldom get together. The last time they met should be on the program yearning for life. However, many years have passed. At that time, they seemed relaxed and quiet, but in fact, there was not much interaction and the topic seemed to be much less.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310