Shenzhens epidemic economy: V-shaped rebound and night economy recovery

 Shenzhens epidemic economy: V-shaped rebound and night economy recovery

Shenzhen is the first city to find new crown cases outside Wuhan. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was first confirmed in Guangdong in January 19th by the national health and Health Commission (CDC) from Shenzhen. Subsequently, the cases wife, son-in-law, grandson and mother-in-law were also confirmed.

Thanks to the citys surveillance system for unexplained pneumonia established in 2005, the first case and the first family were found, and the joint prevention and control were carried out rapidly in Shenzhen.

After the clearance of local cases, Shenzhen is faced with great pressure of imported foreign defense due to the re outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong and other factors.

In less than two days, all 3009 people involved in the case were tested for new coronavirus nucleic acid, and the results were negative.

For the detection of new coronavirus, the Third Hospital of Shenzhen has established an assembly line , which can make 7000 to 8000 cases a day, making full preparations for possible imported cases Fudan University Affiliated Huashan Hospital infection department director Zhang Wenhong said.

In the opinion of Zhang Wenhong and other experts, in addition to strong detection ability, Shenzhen also has good experience in community management and has a considerable level of mobilization ability. The epidemic prevention and control measures are impressive.

Shenzhen has a permanent resident population of over 20 million. As a port city, Shenzhen has an annual inbound and outbound passenger flow of over 250 million. Facing the three difficulties of large population flow, high density and openness, Shenzhen, in combination with its own reality, focuses on the weak links, promotes the orderly and efficient operation of the city, and highlights the social governance efficiency of super large cities.

Thanks to the phased achievements in epidemic prevention and control, Shenzhen, as an economic center city, has rapidly recovered market confidence and improved economic momentum. Economic semiannual report shows that Shenzhens economic operation V shape rebound signal is obvious.

Represented by new infrastructure construction and improved industrial chain, Shenzhen, an export-oriented city, is in smooth internal circulation. So far, 43600 5g base stations have been built in Shenzhen, and the 5g network will be fully covered by the end of August this year.

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, the main body of the market in Shenzhen is still showing vitality. According to the data, from January to June this year, 151144 enterprises were newly registered in Shenzhen, with a year-on-year growth of 14.9%.

Looking forward to economic development in the second half of the year, Wu Sikang, director of the development research center of Shenzhen municipal government, said that Shenzhen has obvious advantages in industrial structure and active scientific and technological innovation. In addition to the favorable policies that may be brought about by the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the second half of the year will have more foundation, potential and conditions to realize a good trend of economic and social development.

Source: Shenzhen Special Zone News. Editor in charge of local media partner program: Wang Xiaowu_ NF