Shenzhen unit price more than 150,000 second-hand housing all off the shelves?

 Shenzhen unit price more than 150,000 second-hand housing all off the shelves?

The first time Peng Mei News searched on Chain APP, it was found that the second-hand housing source with unit price of more than 150,000 yuan per square meter was not shown. However, several other intermediary APP, unit price of more than 150,000 yuan of second-hand housing is still on sale.

Shenzhen Central Plains real estate related people said that did not receive the relevant notice of the download, if the introduction of relevant policies will be immediately as required to download.

Including the Central Plains looking for housing, housing world, can be found in its APP unit price of more than 150,000 yuan in the sale of second-hand housing, mainly concentrated in Shenzhen Bay, Houhai and other regions. Many of them are selling for more than 200,000 yuan per square meter.

(APP in the Central Plains)

(room world APP)

So why did the chain house withdraw the unit price of more than 150,000 yuan per flat?

In this regard, the chain home response said, about this morning, the chain home network of Shenzhen part of the lower shelf, after verification is the system upgrades, and the Internet is not true. The system is now being reloaded to the shelves through technical means.

In July 31st, Shenzhens real estate regulation and regulation was upgraded, a series of regulation measures were added, and the first line city of the limited sale policy was introduced. Commodity housing is forbidden to transfer within 3 years from the date of obtaining the registration certificate of property right. In addition, within two years of divorce application for housing loans, loan down payment ratio is not less than 70%.

Xinhua News Agency article pointed out that the Shenzhen property market entered a period of deep adjustment, the phenomenon of soaring house prices has been curbed, the second-hand market chaos has also been initially addressed. Although the market is basically stable, but due to new housing prices led to a second-hand housing price hangs, speculative factors make the Shenzhen property market fire, there is still a rise in housing prices.

The latest data show that the average price of one hand house in Shenzhen in July was 54142 yuan per square meter, and the ring rose by 0.09%. It ended the trend of 21 consecutive drop since October 2016. The transaction set was 3461 sets, which was a new years high. In addition, the property rights of Shenzhen City in 2017 transfer time less than three years of housing accounted for 46% of the total volume of second-hand housing, second-hand housing speculation factors are still.

The Securities Times reported that the ratio of second-hand housing transactions is an important indicator of whether a city has a value of investment, which can reflect the maturity of the real estate development in the city. Shenzhen is the market dominated by second-hand housing transactions. It can be said that the Notice of the new house within three years to prohibit the transfer of second-hand housing market in Shenzhen will inevitably have a certain impact.

Shenzhen real estate intermediary intermediary industry standard index showed that last week the citys real estate intermediary companies used 0.62 sets of second-hand houses, a 45.7% decline, and a total of 45.7% new licensed intermediaries inflow to 653 people last week, a decrease of 17%. Single 1960 sets, the ring down by 45.7%, is expected to appear in the future or a certain range of downward shocks. In the past July, Shenzhens first-hand residential transactions of 3461 sets, 6991 sets of second-hand residential transactions, are the highest monthly turnover this year.

Many industry insiders believe that the introduction of the regulatory policy releases a strong signal to curb the rise of housing prices. In the short term, the restrictions and other regulatory measures will form a strong shock effect, reducing the willingness of buyers to enter the market. In the long run, the new policy is conducive to stabilizing housing prices and promoting the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

As of the reporters contribution, chain home APP, the unit price over 150 thousand yuan of the house has quietly on-line, including 3 sets of Nanshan District Shenzhen Bay in the sale of the unit showed a unit price over 150 thousand / square meters.

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Xun Jianguo NN7379