Peking University girl British supermarket theft said is to steal? Beida

 Peking University girl British supermarket theft said is to steal? Beida

Comprehensive Beijing time and other media news, the girl was caught after stealing a few days into the supermarket again, was asked why the theft, first denied. And in the video evidence conclusive said: is to steal.

However, the observer network found that the store did not mention the phrase want to steal, but some of the reports have been mentioned in the screenshots of the supermarkets circle of friends published by the media or public.

According to the news of the 9 day of the Southern Metropolis Daily, on the afternoon of 8, the person in charge of the school of foreign languages of Peking University (School of stealing girls) confirmed to the Nandu reporter that the girl was a student of the Foreign Language College of Peking University and this time went to the summer school project of University of Edinburgh in the UK. Our classmates do bring the unpaid goods out of the supermarket, he said. But whether theft is a judicial problem, the description of the male students in the public article and the girls description of nothing I want to steal is made up. It said that the school has set up a working group to investigate.

This is the case. On July 31, a Chinese supermarket in Edinburgh, Britain, launched a circle of friends.

The store said a girl came to the store with a boy, and the boy asked the clerk if he had glutinous rice chicken. The shop assistant handed it to the girl from the freezer and handed it to the girl.

But when she checked out, the girl bought only two packets of instant noodles. The clerk felt a little queer and ran after him to ask if the glutinous rice chicken had forgotten to check out. The girl said the glutinous rice chicken had been put back in the freezer.

The clerk believed her when she got such a definite answer. But when the clerk returned to the store, he found a vacancy in the glutinous rice chickens position in the freezer, so he went to monitor it.

Dont see it! At first glance, the video showed the girl stuffing the glutinous rice chicken into her backpack in a hurry.

Other footage of the video shows the boy talking to someone else and the girl putting things in her backpack in a big way in the store.

On August 2, the girl was recognized by the shop assistant when she went to Starlight again. However, according to the store, she was not in order to apologize, but after the clerk mentioned stealing glutinous rice chicken, the girl was still rude and said he did not have the theft at all.

After the shopkeeper said he would call the police and have video evidence, the girl admitted that he did steal the sticky chicken in the store, but he said he wanted to deal with it quickly, and she had other things.

In the Beijing time video, as well as a number of public reports, the details are mentioned. When the shopkeeper asks the reason why she has something to say, the girl says, nothing, just want to steal.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this expression is not seen in the circle of friends published by the merchants.

The girl is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Languages at Peking University. She took part in a summer program on the history of Western art. The summer program is mainly to study in Yorkshire, London and Edinburgh. And the day of the theft, July 31, was the second day of her arrival in Edinburgh.

The incident continued to ferment, and Peking University on the 8th responded by denying the allegations that boys cover for girls and girls sayI just want to steal. And said that the investigation has been carried out.

On Aug. 3, the teacher of the summer camp of Peking University took a team to the supermarket to apologize with the girl who stole it. The teacher said the girls grades were very good and her family was well-off. She had been to American summer camps before. And her major is foreign language, she is sure to study abroad in the future.

The teacher first thanked the shopkeeper for not choosing to call the police, and then said it was not intentional theft, but careless and forgot to check out. This careless explanation, so that the Starlight convenience store staff said, very cold.

It is reported that Edinburgh University has made it clear that the future will not accept the application of the girl.

According to its summer programme, the three-week tour is a real bargain, costing 3,500 pounds per week. It is understood that the glutinous rice chicken she packed in her backpack, though not cheap, is probably less than 10 pounds.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer. com: Luo Jiazhen_NBJS6445