Re-examination Tomorrow Mother Buys Two New Clothes for Her Children

 Re-examination Tomorrow Mother Buys Two New Clothes for Her Children

Liu Dayus pictures come from micro-blog @ Red Star News

Red Star News from Liu Dayu retrial defense lawyer Xu Xinchu learned that in August 2nd, the Fujian provincial high academy informed Liu Dayu defense lawyer and Liu Dayu parents, the court will be in the August 10th morning in the Zhangzhou central court in Fujian province to retrial the case.

According to previous media reports, in July 2014, 18 year old Sichuan Dazhou youth Liu Dayu, spent more than 3 million yuan online bought 24 simulation guns, after which the gun shaped objects were seized by the customs; in August, Liu Dayu was arrested in September 29th and was arrested in September 29th.

In April 2015, the middle court of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, sentenced Liu Dayu to life imprisonment for the crime of smuggling weapons. The first instance verdict said that 21 of the 24 simulation guns sent for inspection were fired with compressed gas as power, of which 20 were wounded and identified as guns; in August, the Fujian provincial high academy rejected Liu Dayus appeal, Maintain the original sentence.

Liu Dawei and her family refused to obey the judgment and insisted on appealing. In October 18, 2016, the Fujian Provincial High Court made a retrial decision, saying that the original trial was sentenced to life imprisonment for Liu Dayu and the sentencing is obviously inappropriate.

After nearly two years of waiting, tomorrows (August 10th) morning, Liu Dayus case will be reopened. Today (August 9th), Liu Dayus mother, Hu Guo, told the Red Star News reporter that he waited for nearly two years. Finally, he waited until this day. I hope that the child can be convicted of innocence and can be reunited with his family as soon as possible.

A few days ago, after the news of the trial, Liu Dayus mother bought two new clothes for his son, expecting his son to come out.

Hu Guoji bought a new dress for his son

Today (August 9) morning, Liu Daweis defense lawyers Xu Xin and Xiao Zhie attended the pre-trial meeting. After the pre-court meeting, Xu Xin told a Red Star reporter that she would insist on pleading innocent for Liu Dawei.

We think the evidence of Liu Dayus crime is insufficient. The simulation gun seized by the customs did not have a complete evidence chain to prove that Liu Da Wei bought it. For example, the guns on the file and Liu Dayus shopping list were not consistent. There were some firearms and Liu Dayus confessions in the first instance; in addition, the two high schools had previously published. The judicial interpretation of the simulation gun case can also be considered as innocent by Liu Da Wei. Xu Xin said.

Previously, in March 28, 2018, the supreme law and the highest inspection issued the approval of the question of conviction and sentencing on the criminal cases of firearms and air guns driven by compressed gas, which stipulates that the discriminatory and sentencing standards for the cases involving the compressed gas as the motive force and the lower kinetic energy of the gun and air gun lead to the criminal cases are different. Considering only the quantity, we should also consider the injury, subjective cognition, motivation and other aspects of the plot.

Little guy buys a simulated gun to judge the no case and will reexamine her mother: finally wait till this day.

Liu Daweis mother, Hu Guoji, said it was not easy to wait nearly two years between the decision of retrial issued by the provincial high court and the reopening of the court. Xu Xin, a defense lawyer, said that although Liu Dayu had been in custody for more than 4 years, the trial would persist in the pleading of innocence, we still have to do our best to condemn the innocence.

Sichuan Youngsters Online Shopping Simulated Gun Sentenced to Life: Aug. 10 Retrial

In August 2nd, the news from Liu Dayus retrial defense lawyer, Xu Xinchu, was informed that the Fujian high court had been informed that the court decided to retrial the Liu Dayu case in the middle court of Zhangzhou in the morning of August 10th. In October 18, 2016, the Fujian High Court issued a notice that the case was re examined by law and decided that the case should be reconstituted separately by the collegial panel.