Zhang Ziyi and 500 million jewelry have been destroyed by filters. In fact, this is what they are

 Zhang Ziyi and 500 million jewelry have been destroyed by filters. In fact, this is what they are

However, when many netizens saw this group of photos, the later layers of filters blurred the large picture, and could not see Zhang Ziyis facial expression or her wearing pieces. I dont know whether the artistic effect is good or bad!

Whats more, Zhang Ziyi wore more than 500 million yuan worth of jewelry on her cover. Who else in the entertainment industry has this treatment! However, in this later period, the big diamond, which was originally emitting colorful light, became as dim as plastic.

Of course, the official interpretation of this group of blockbusters is as follows: starting from the powerful female image of Nuwa mending the sky in Chinese mythology, the photographer combines the elements of traditional culture, such as five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, to create this group of colorful pictures to show the beauty of womens strength and bravery. What do you think?

So, what is the real face of this cover in front of the filter? (to be honest, Id like to see the true face of these 500 million RMB jewelry)

The necklace can also be divided into multiple sets of different earrings and Necklaces through the invisible mechanism to wear in combination.

The bracelet features two emerald cut diamonds and two rings, one of which features a 20 carat pillow cut diamond.

The bold color collision between red and green would have turned village if not for Ziyi, a girl with white and aura.

The earrings with lace effect are exquisite and elegant. They echo the lace on the white skirt. Ziyi is really good at choosing jewelry.

Exaggerated necklaces and shining accessories on the clothing are very rich, but Ziyis heart-shaped thin earrings and pink clothes do a perfect echo, and very girly.

With retro pleated collar and retro style earrings, Ziyis every appearance can be accurate without error.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian_ NQ0184