The person who can do housework is excellent and excellent! |My housekeeping, Mr. Fu Zhu

 The person who can do housework is excellent and excellent! |My housekeeping, Mr. Fu Zhu

However, due to the epidemic situation in 2020, I will spend much more time at home than usual. In addition, I have moved and sorted out my house, and I have been focusing on household affairs for more than one month

Repairing walls, painting, paving the floor, pasting cabinets, assembling furniture, one after another, I concentrated and absorbed a lot of knowledge of soft decoration and storage and finishing. The more I understood, the more I feltu2014u2014

People who can do housework are really masters of planning and management!

Mr. Zhu is such a gold medal housekeeper. He can quickly grasp the key to the environmental problems of the employers home in a very short time. No matter how chaotic it is, most people feel that they dont know how to start a room, and give him two hours to make a new look

Mr. Zhu, who does housework like a sharp knife to cut off the mess, has thus captured the heroines stomach.

The woman is a medical sales representative who is capable, vigorous and has outstanding achievements. She has just been entrusted with an important task by the new leader, and she took the team when she was less than 30 years old.

She spared no effort in her work, and she was still gnawing at thick medical books after work, in order to grasp the key points quickly when marketing new drugs with doctors, so as to win cooperation orders.

Time is on her work, and of course her apartment doesnt have time to tidy up.

After work, I bought something to eat at the convenience store, worked and studied. When I was tired, I sat down on the sofa for a while and started my new days work.

The womans mother used to be an ol who worked hard in the workplace. Because her husband was weak and sick, her mother had to resign and become a housewife to take care of her two young daughters.

Giving up her career and returning to her family has become a permanent regret for her mother. She hopes that her two daughters will not repeat her mistakes and become independent women who take both career and family into account.

Unfortunately, the eldest daughter works hard and can stand out from the crowd, but she knows nothing about housework. For the second daughter, she fell in love and got married early and gave birth to a baby before she graduated from university. All her focus is on her family. Therefore, it has been three years since the cold war between mother and daughter has been out of touch.

Career and family

For the workaholic, Mr. Zhu is the Savior!

Whats more, Mr. Zhu will listen to the female owners troubles gently, and give advice to the core. She also helped her family to repair the relationship between mother and daughter, so that the mother who refused to apologize and her second daughter were reunited.

In the episode just broadcast, the female host is surprised to find that Mr. Zhu once did the same job with her in the famous company in the industry that she failed to apply for!

It took him three years to test all the qualification certificates in the field of home economics. It is enough to prove that an excellent person can become an outstanding person in any field. However, I always feel that it is not realistic to recover the last love and it is difficult to reunite after breaking the mirror.

Some time ago, there was a discussion on the Internet about whether housewives are independent women. One of the comments said, the economy is not independent. What kind of independent women are they?

I dont know why housework is always regarded as inferior by the public. It is probably that most people have not experienced the meticulous and thoughtful housekeeping service. It is super easy but expensive.

For example, I have a lot of professional moving experience.

For example, how to make full use of the space of the truck, the luggage and furniture are packed too much without being damaged, the furniture is disassembled and disassembled, and two people are required to jointly carry the large articles up the spiral stairs of my house. I dont know how to praise it in addition to saying that its very powerful.

This company is a Japanese style moving service. There is also a service that you dont have to do it yourself. You can clean up your wardrobe before and after moving, and even the wardrobe can be restored intact. There is nothing else but expensive. You must experience it next time you move.

Before moving, she also invited a professional cleaning lady to open up the wasteland. She had a variety of cleaning agents and tools in her bag. For different types of stains, she quickly solved the problem with half the effort. I also learned a lot of small skills.

However, the little sister finished her work and had to do the daily cleaning on her own. Only in real practice did I find that, my God, the housework was too tired!

Brush the floor till I doubt life, grow so big, never do so heavy work! Ah, I am the flower of greenhouse.

Storage is also a university question.

Ive been exploring how to make the things in my home neat and beautiful recently. Ill share them with you after Ive sorted them out

The ladys best friend, a beautiful woman, has excellent working ability. Whats more, her family is also super fashionable and generous. Excellent people can always master skills.

In order to find a good mate to get married, she just signed up for the kitchen class. She is the kind of independent woman who has a clear goal and wants to do what she wants to do immediately. She has first-class executive power.

However, it seems that she is too rational to find a partner. If she only looks at the conditions and doesnt pay attention to her feelings, Im afraid she will have to make a mistake for a while.

The standard for a woman to find a partner is to want a man who can keep her current lifestyle unchanged. In her current workaholic state, it is impossible for her to devote herself to taking care of her family. Everyone thinks that she cant find a partner.

Mr. Fu Zhu is not the same with a gold medal!

If you are not good at something, you should leave it to professionals, keep more important energy, and focus on a career that can bring you a sense of pride and achievement

On the other hand, the younger sister of the female owner likes to take care of the family, and almost all the examinations related to domestic affairs need to get all the certificates. Its not bad to be the second gold medal housewife of Mr. Zhu.

Maybe I didnt earn much at the beginning, but with more and more professional skills, the number of customers who served increased naturally, and the income increased accordingly. The life of first bitter and then sweet is also a kind of happy experience.

To be more realistic, I have recently watched a large number of videos of professional housewives YouTuber. I have a strong ability to do housework. Shooting videos can also win success in the eyes of the common peopleu2014u2014

Money, fame and influence.

If you live more comfortably and feel more comfortable, you will not emit negative energy everywhere

Bench elder sister Li slowly