Do you know what a persons best life is like? I wish you all three

 Do you know what a persons best life is like? I wish you all three

Desire is a double-edged sword for adults. It can give you the motivation to struggle and make you lose yourself. If we can use it correctly, we can live a simple and transparent life, but if we cant use it correctly, we will only be lost in the fog of life, can not see the future, can not get happiness.

So, how can you make your life simple and really happy? I think that by doing these three things, we can get the best living conditions.

No greed, contentment, longer

A few days ago, I took part in an activity in the square. There was a propaganda point that distributed iodized salt for free. Many white haired grandparents rushed to grab it. The staff maintaining order said that everyone could only get one bag. However, the grandparents were not willing to listen to the advice, overturned the table and exhibition board, and fought for it.

My friend and I were stunned. She was stunned and said to me, is it still on the bus that let us give up our seats to the grandparents?

I laughed and watched her shaking her head helplessly. I thought of some videos I saw some time ago, in which grandparents and uncles rushed into the supermarket to grab discount dishes. Finally, some people broke their legs and some broke their ribs.

It means that those who know how to be contented will not be humiliated, and those who know how to stop will not suffer disasters and live longer.

In fact, I believe that it is impossible to save much money by grabbing a bag of free salt and buying more discount dishes. Many grandparents have high retirement wages, but they dont need to save this money. However, the mentality of being able to take advantage of them makes them unremitting. In the final analysis, it is because of greed.

Because of this greed, finally caused physical harm, I think the gain is not worth the loss, but too many people in the face of interests, will forget this truth, there is no way to control themselves.

In fact, its not just the elderly. Many young people around us are gradually engulfed by greed and forget their original intention in the process of hard struggle.

Business people began to cut corners, no longer focusing on the taste of dishes, and finally lost the hearts of guests; working people began to concentrate on flattering, forgetting to study business, and finally lost the work of survival.

In fact, happiness is really very simple, dont think of all at once, it will be longer.

No anger, no complaint, peace of mind

I know a lot of doctor friends and often hear them say that people can be tired but not angry.

You go to see a lot of people with incurable diseases. Most of them have similar characteristics, that is, they are irritable, angry, like to complain, and their mentality is uneven.

I have a friend who is strict with himself and others, a little too perfectionist. A lot of people who work with her feel very tired because she gets angry every time she does something bad by herself, and she gets more angry when people around her do something bad.

She began to understand that anger cant hurt others, only hurt herself. The right and wrong of many things are not so important, and perfection is not the best thing in the world. If we can look at it a little bit, maybe the world will be better.

Since then, she has become a lot more peaceful, a lot of things so far, will not force herself to do the best, will not force others to do things they do not want to do.

She began to lie down and fall asleep. She became fond of laughing. When she had time, she went to travel and exercise. Her body recovered very well.

As Kant said, to be angry is to punish yourself with the mistakes of others.

No comparison, no jealousy, happiness

Happy people can always see what they have, but unhappy people can only see what others have.

Many friends around me have children. Before I became a parent, I vowed that I would never be like my parents. I always like to compare others children with my own children.

But ah, when the baby is born, the eyes will unconsciously look at other children.

Why do other peoples children turn over in two months? Why do other peoples children sit in five months? Why do other peoples children climb in eight months? Why do other peoples children talk and walk less than one year old?

Other peoples children learned dance, others children learned piano, others children learned calligraphy, others children learned go, but my children didnt learn anything. What should I do?

Her child got the first place in the physics contest. Her child was admitted to a key high school. His child went abroad. But my child cant do anything. What should I do?

I would like to say that its not bad to make children better, but we should also do what we can. We should consider the childrens preferences and feelings, as well as the actual situation of our own family.

Although she does not have the intelligence quotient of other children, she has to force her to go to an experimental class. She has no other familys financial resources, but she has to send her child abroad. Often, the final result is that the child is not happy, and you are not happy. Even there will be a tragedy that the child cant bear the pressure and jump off a building to commit suicide.

I remember when I took my children to early childhood education, the teacher told me that children must compare vertically, not horizontally. That is to say, children should compare themselves with themselves. Todays self is better than yesterdays, so its better. Instead of always making our children compare with others children, we cant be the first.

Once you start to compare with others or even envy others, you will fall into the abyss of unhappiness and never feel happy again.

The parents of those top scholars have been giving up social entertainment for decades. There is no Internet or TV at home. They are not allowed to watch mobile phones. Most parents cant do this. Dont ask their children to become like this.

In the final analysis, it is to do what we can, to do our best, not to compare, not to envy, to understand more, to learn to be content and to feel happy.

In fact, happiness is so simple, in fact, the best state of life is like this.

You must remember that a lot of unhappiness is just a nuisance, a lot of trouble and distress, are self seeking.

As we grow up, we should learn to put it down and mature gradually. We should not be greedy or angry, nor compare with each other. We should live a good life and feel ordinary happiness.

Wait until the end of this life and look back, you will find that you have the best.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.