China Unicom starts normal technology test of 5g socialized and extended MicroStation equipment

 China Unicom starts normal technology test of 5g socialized and extended MicroStation equipment

Previously, Li Fuchang, deputy director of Wireless Research Department of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, disclosed that in order to create an open and win-win ecology, China Unicom will further promote social micro stations.

Social base station refers to the wireless base station products produced by non main equipment manufacturers to meet the deployment application requirements in specific scenarios. It is an effective supplement to the network deployment of operators. The socialized base station has the characteristics of low cost and flexible construction mode, which can be used as a supplementary solution to the traditional construction mode; the socialized base station has the characteristics of customization and flexibility, which can meet the fragmentation demand of small and medium-sized industries and enrich the demand of industrial application products; the socialized base station (integrated MicroStation, etc.) has the plug and play function, which can quickly solve the problem of 2H scenario Deployment requirements.

It is reported that social base stations are divided into base stations and repeaters. Base station equipment is mainly based on the general processor platform or SOC chip development, supporting a slightly lower number of cells and users, with cost advantages; repeater equipment mainly through radio frequency coupling or wireless coupling source, to achieve the extension of coverage, for pure coverage scenarios, it has obvious cost advantages.

China Unicom will further carry out IOT test of socialized base station and SA core network of main equipment manufacturer to realize decoupling of socialized base station and 5gc. Li Fuchang said that the 5g extended micro station equipment mainly adopts SA networking mode. Social base station manufacturers have no core network, so they need to connect with the 5gsa core network of the main equipment manufacturer. In July 2020, China Unicom launched the IOT test of the socialized base station and the SA core network of the main equipment manufacturer to realize the decoupling of the socialized base station and 5gc, with more than 20 manufacturers participating.

In addition, the announcement shows that the first batch of tests is expected to start on August 21, 2020. The follow-up test batch is determined according to the registration situation. The test was conducted in two stages

The first stage is the ng port decoupling test of 5g socialized extended micro station. This test is a qualified product test. The test equipment that has completed the test and qualified has the qualification to participate in the second stage test, and the unqualified test equipment shall not participate in the subsequent test.

The second stage is the function and performance test of 5g social extended MicroStation. This test is a composite product test, and the test results will be used as the basis for shortlisted China Unicom mall.

Before the deployment of the existing network, the equipment passing the test must complete the docking test of 5g social extended micro station equipment network management South interface with the third-party management and control system of China Unicom social base station. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the test, each manufacturer shall keep the same test cycle in the first stage and the second stage, and the specific time shall be subject to the time specified in the test notice issued by the testing unit. If the test equipment cannot complete the test project on schedule due to the cooperation problem of the test manufacturer, the tester has the right to terminate the test upon expiration.

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