Daily Yile: such a high-end lathe shop must be very spacious

 Daily Yile: such a high-end lathe shop must be very spacious

Which Taoist friend is here for robbery? Will someone say that this is a special effect, why can you just hold up your mobile phone and take this picture...

Superheroes show up to save the bus... The traffic police Shu Shu looked at the face of the muddled force, the boy is not afraid of passing by with the muck truck?

The motorcyclist blocked in front of the ambulance. According to his refusal, passers-by couldnt stop him. The man still went his own way and lit a cigarette calmly. Afterwards, the man was fined 1900 yuan and 13 points were deducted.

Stop the ambulance and smoke. This guy is a real smoker.

Strange things happen every day. My aunt encountered a dog without a tether on her battery car. She ran into a silver car on the sidewalk because she was afraid of dogs. The driver thought that she was going to escape, so she got off and robbed her battery car. Unexpectedly, she ran into the opposite black car again! At this moment, the dog also ran away... Who is going to pay for this?

The road is slippery in rainy days. You need to be careful when you go up the mountain. If you dont pay attention, you will be forced to go down the valley by the dragon. Bluebird driver must be scared to pee...

Ejection mode up, I drive GT-R, I roll over?

Recently, Audi brothers TTRS was not unexpectedly seized by Shenzhen traffic police. However, Audi brother said: RMB players dont worry about having no cars. He still has two thousand TTRS, and the competition agreement will not be absent...

I dont know why Audi is so rich. But this little brother seems to inspire us a lot. Do you want to drive a Ferrari?

I am sour, the community closed can not stop other peoples love.

Boy, you should be glad that your girlfriend doesnt wear this dress, or your thighs will not bear it...

Happy ending! Motorcycle: dont say I know you. We dont know each other. Ill go first.

Speed and passion dare not do this... Big G car owner: real old drivers have to be flexible with the help of road conditions to find the opportunity to escape.

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How about the penalty of two cars running yellow lights at the same time? (source: Netease Auto comprehensive)

There is a story of the truck driver, such a high-end car, the bed must be very spacious.

Or to remind the old driver above, cherish life and stay away from young women. This is the experience of the past.

Maybe my daughter-in-law has heard a song: I lost contact in Piao in Guangzhou, so Im worried about it...

Its true that everything can be counterfeited these days. Even if the fake bank is ignored, it can also be done?

As a kind-hearted person who braves justice and acts bravely, girl, if you are kidnapped, blink your eyes, OK?

The first blind date, the blind date is like this. Cant we have to clean the car when we turn back.

Welcome to refer to our new house type. Where would you like to start?

Finally, lets reveal yesterdays car guessing answer: Mazda 3, are you right? Congratulations to the legendary 3 masters and Tianzhi on the list. You have applied for the red name of old driver.

Todays car guessing: