[its nice to laugh] the king of planting in Xiaoshan Village

 [its nice to laugh] the king of planting in Xiaoshan Village

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Planting king in Xiaoshan Village

Liu Ruifa, an expert in getting rich. Photo by Li Bin

There is no cloud all day in midsummer. In the evening, the sky will be dark. A breeze will come down from the top of the mountain and blow the green trees all over the slope. In the meantime, the leaves of Zanthoxylum bungeanum are whirling, sending out the unique hemp fragrance, and wrapping the mountain village leisurely.

Liu Ruifa, a villager in Yuling village, Sanhe Town, Chongqing City, returned home on the moon. He hummed a tune and said with his wife Huang Ronghui, the temperature will be high tomorrow. Wed better come to weed later. Yes.

Liu Ruifa is a local celebrity. His story of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich inspires many poor households to regain their hope for life. Under his leadership, 14 poor households and 89 ordinary farmers have increased their income, providing more than 200000 yuan of migrant income for the local people every year. People in the village sigh: follow old Liu, do not worry about getting rich.

Under the pressure of struggle, for pepper covered the hillside

Lao Lius experience of getting rich has to start seven years ago.

In 2013, Liu Ruifa was diagnosed with hypertension and gout, unable to engage in physical labor, and could only recuperate at home. At that time, the eldest daughter, Liu Yingnan, was a university student, and her second son, Liu Jun, was in junior high school. Her family expenses were only supported by the odd jobs of Huang Rong Hui.

Under the pressure of poverty, Liu Ruifa decided to fight hard.

In 2014, Liu Ruifa applied to the village committee and included them into the poverty-stricken households for filing and registration according to the accurate poverty alleviation identification procedure. With the help of the village team and the village branch committee, Liu Ruifa decided to develop the breeding industry. At that time, I borrowed 20000 yuan from my relatives and bought 400 native chickens. However, due to the poor market conditions and lack of breeding technology, the first attempt failed.

After the defeat of the first battle, I was hit hard and was not reconciled to it. Liu Ruifa also focused on the planting industry. Introduced by his friends, he visited Jiangjin and other places successively. The crisp and fragrant jiuyeqing Zanthoxylum not only stimulated his taste buds, but also stimulated his determination to get rid of poverty.

Careful maintenance of pepper field. Photo by Ma Yuan

With the previous experience, Liu Ruifa devoted himself to it. Through careful management and care, Zanthoxylum bungeanum is growing well and the hope of poverty alleviation is close at hand.

In 2016, Liu Ruifas road of poverty alleviation and prosperity met with new opportunities. In Huang Ronghuis words, there are new tricks to be made..

Planting Zanthoxylum bungeanum is the first step out of poverty. If you want to avoid risks, you still need to keep one hand. Liu Ruifa visited the base of huangzhizi in Guangan, Sichuan Province. After hearing about Guanqiao, Liu Ruifa had a bold idea: planting 400 mu of medicinal huangzhizi in Yuling village.

400 mu, you are crazy! Liu Rui thought coldly, which scared Huang Ronghui, but in the eyes of the village committee and the masses, it is a feasible way. Therefore, with the support of everyone, 400 mu of land was transferred in place.

However, the lack of funds was an unavoidable obstacle, so he applied to Sanhe Town Rural Commercial Bank branch for a loan of 100000 yuan. If you have money and land, dont do it, what are you waiting for? Liu Ruifa quickly adjusted the land, bought back the industrial seedlings in mid November, and planted them before December.

The cultivation of medicinal materials requires technology, lack of experience in the early stage, and the growth of seedlings is not ideal. Liu Ruifa racked his brains to find agricultural experts for consultation and on-site guidance. In his persistent efforts, the left hand Ma Xiang Piao, the right side of the herbs leisurely, the original barren life, was pulled out of a different taste.

Planting king also hesitated to see dogwood in the mountains

Liu Ruifa is a talented person. He dares to work. Shizhu County Agricultural Committee highly recognized Liu Ruifas poverty alleviation achievements, so in 2017, he was recommended to plant Evodia rutaecarpa.

Liu Ruifa, who has always been resolute, hesitated this time. Staying at home for a few days, he was in a state of confusion. I have planted 150 mu of Zanthoxylum and 400 mu of medicinal Yellow Gardenia jasminoides. There is no problem to get rid of poverty and become rich. I really need technology to grow medicinal materials. Im not educated enough and Im afraid I cant get it.

The fragrance of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is fragrant. Photo by Ma Yuan

Liu Ruifas mind was discovered by Chen Chong, the first Secretary of the village working group, who had just been transferred. After learning about the situation, Chen said: there is nothing to be hesitated about. We will do our best to help you solve the problems. We will try our best to help you solve them. You should not only have a way out of poverty, but also drive the masses to become rich..

Then do it! Then plant another 250 mu of Evodia rutaecarpa. With the support of the village team and the village committee, Liu Ruifa transferred another 250 mu of land to grow Evodia rutaecarpa. In order to solve the problem of lack of funds, Chen Zhen took the initiative to contact the person in charge of fuden bank in the town to negotiate with him on relevant matters and issue a loan of 50000 yuan to Liu Ruifa.

Ahead of the spring rain in March 2018, Liu Ruifas planting area has increased by 250 mu.

Leading villagers to become rich by planting

Planting is a matter of risk. The farmers with thick and thin have their own unique consideration on the industry: we should not only stabilize the poverty alleviation and prosperity, but also optimize the planting pattern, and promote the common prosperity of the villagers.

When weeding in August 2019, Liu Ruifa and his wife Huang Ronghui thought that the human and material costs of weeding were too high. Therefore, the idea of Interplanting dwarf crops in the industrial park could not only reduce the cost of weeding, but also increase income. Under the introduction of industrial planting friends, we decided to interplant 680 mu of Chinese herbal medicine with gold, which will be completed in October 2019 and completed before December.

Common management of green pepper. Photo by Ma Yuan

At present, with the continuous expansion of the planting area, Liu Ruifas industry is impressive and growing well. To form a scale, we can really say goodbye to poverty. Having tasted the sweetness of increasing income, Liu Ruifa was full of confidence and determined to drive the villagers to become rich together.

Zhou dengchun, a poor farmer in the village, said: I am not in good health and cant go out to work. Now I can earn money by working at home. I can earn 70 yuan a day as a migrant worker and pack a lunch. Its very cost-effective.

Now many villagers come to work every day. Every one of the villagers who have been working here for a long time has nearly 10000 yuan per year. Watching everyones days go better, Liu Ruifa smiles.