If you dont get angry, you win

 If you dont get angry, you win

Learn not to be angry, life is comfortable. If someone takes you for granted, you dont have to be angry or angry about it. You cant satisfy all the people. The best way is who doesnt care about you, and you dont have to care about him. You dont have to change yourself to cater to others.

Learn not to be angry, your eyes reach, will be everywhere sunny, beautiful scenery. Learn not to be angry, there will be no darkness in your eyes, no sad clouds on your face, and no gloom in your heart.

Learn not to be angry, your life will be less worry and worry. The chirp of birds in the ear becomes a happy song; the harsh noise around becomes a wonderful symphony; everything in the world is beautiful!

Learning not to be angry is not to swallow ones anger. As the saying goes: endure a knife at the beginning of the word, it can be seen that when swallow ones anger, what kind of pain and grievance should be in the heart! You should learn to comfort yourself when you are angry, think more about the good of the other party, calm down the fire you want to make, and disperse the gas that will be born soon.

No matter who makes you angry, you should not be angry, because being angry means punishing yourself with other peoples mistakes; because the person who is angry is you, maybe the person who makes you angry is still in the dark and doesnt know it; maybe the person who makes you angry is premeditated and intentional.

If the enemy makes you angry, you should not be angry, because he is hostile to you, hates you, envies you and hates you. If you are angry, you can only make him secretly happy and satisfied.

If relatives make you angry, you should not be angry, because his complaints and his anger can only be sent to you, but not to neighbors, leaders and colleagues at will. Because you are his relatives, he can only be angry in front of you, calm down, complain grievances.

Dont be angry, dont be angry! If you love to be angry, it will hurt you. If you want not to be angry, you can only persuade yourself. It is futile and futile to expect advice from others.

A few words of advice, please bear in mind

Dont worry about trifles

One eye open and one eye closed

Someones words hurt his face

Its not all malicious

The fog shrouded only for a moment

Some people have better days than me

How can ones ten fingers be aligned

Life is not easy in the world

Its a pity to practice yourself

Only learn not to be angry

Happiness belongs to you


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