The father responded that 676 points were left behind, and her daughter chose to major in Archaeology at Peking University: she was indifferent to money and had always been very assertive

 The father responded that 676 points were left behind, and her daughter chose to major in Archaeology at Peking University: she was indifferent to money and had always been very assertive

For a while, netizens have doubts about Zhong Fangrongs choice of applying for the archaeology major: why not read a major with better employment and more money?

According to Zhong Fangrongs father, when he was less than one year old, his grandparents took him with him. He went out to work with his childrens mother and came back twice a year at most. In his impression, his daughter was self-discipline since childhood, with excellent results, and never let her family worry about her study. She also did well in the high school entrance examination. There were some free schools for her to go to, but she didnt go either. She chose the high school she later went to because the learning atmosphere in this school was better. Shes always been very assertive

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What makes Zhong Fangrongs father regret is that he spends too little time with his children every year and has not attended a parents meeting. Her mother has a junior high school degree, and I have a primary school education. We cant teach her anything, but I didnt expect her to be so ambitious. Her love of history is also related to her quiet personality. She can study with great concentration.

Some archaeological institutions and museums sent Zhong Fangrong a gift bag. Image based microblog

She was very happy to know that, after all, it was something she was interested in. Thank you for your encouragement. Zhong Fangrongs father said.

I also heard about it. This candidate should be very interested in history and archaeology to choose this major. Qian Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told Red Star news that he believed that archaeology is a kind of career, and that value can not be calculated only by how much money has been made, but also by cultural heritage. Social development cant just stay in economic development. At this stage, cultural development is also an important aspect. Archaeology is the process of cultural heritage and relay, and people need to constantly do it.

Qian Guoxiang said that archaeology is indeed an unpopular major, but the employment rate is not low. Like other majors, archaeology also faces the challenge of talent competition. At present, in the period of economic construction, there are a lot of construction activities, and the workload of the archaeological team at a certain stage is still very large, and it is necessary to introduce archaeological talents, but the positions are limited and high-level talents with new ideas can enter relatively large research institutions. However, in addition to national research institutes and museums, graduates can also choose hundreds of institutions, such as provincial and municipal museums and research institutes.

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The people in our industry are very happy that there are constantly excellent talents who tend to choose such subjects, which shows that the demand for culture is increasing. Qian Guoxiang said that only when the society develops to a certain stage can more people participate in all walks of life and form a virtuous circle. Of course, it doesnt mean that you cant become a talent if you have a low score. If you choose this subject, you should also see the training in the later stage. We also want to appeal to you to pay more attention to Archaeology and cultural undertakings.

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