FA Cup - obamayan scores twice, Arsenal 2-1 reverses Chelsea to win the title

 FA Cup - obamayan scores twice, Arsenal 2-1 reverses Chelsea to win the title

The second minute, Maitland - Niles left baseline cross, obamayang header shot deviation. In the third minute, munte snatched the ball at the foot of zaca and started long-range shot from the top of the forbidden area, and Martinez saved the ball.

The first 10 minutes, pulicic dribble out of defense, cut into the restricted area after adjustment, Martinez seized the ball. The first 14 minutes, Kovac shovel down zacha to get a yellow card. In the 16th minute, Arsenal got a free kick outside the penalty area, and sevarios shot a little high.

The first 24 minutes, Arsenals front court continuous pass cooperation, Pepe arc top long-range shot into the upper left corner of the goal, but the side referee decided Maitland - Niles offside prior to the goal invalid.

In the 26th minute, obamayan cut into the forbidden area on the left side and was dragged to the ground by azpiliquitara. The referee gave a penalty and showed a yellow card. Obamayan scored with a 1-1 penalty kick and Arsenal equalised. In the 32nd minute, azpiliquita fell down and was replaced by Christensen.

In the 46th minute, pulicic passed the ball on the left side and broke into the forbidden area. Pulicic was replaced because of the injury of the shooting. The 48th minute, Pedro cuts into the forbidden area left side shoots to deviate.

The 57th minute, lakazet cross, obamayan in the restricted area, failed, zaca long shot high. The 61st minute, Alonso returns, Rees - James long-range shot kicks the deviation.

In the 67th minute, baileyin quickly broke through the middle with the ball, Christensen tackled the ball, Pepes right side sent the cross, obamayan left side of the restricted area got rid of Zuma, faced with the goalkeeper calmly cross the goal, 2-1, Arsenal exceeded the score.

In the 72nd minute, when Kovac snatched zacha, zacha fell down. The referee showed Kovac the second yellow card and sent him off. The penalty was controversial. David Lewis was injured and replaced by papastasopoulos. The 90th minute, Pedro shot was blocked, then Pedro shoulder injury, oxygen treatment. At the end of the game, Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1.

Chelsea (343): 13 Caballero / 28 azpiliquita (354 - Christensen), 15 - Zuma, 2 - ludig (7820 - oddoy) / 24 - Rees - James, 5 - jozhnio, 17 - Kovac, 3 - Alonso / 19 - Mount (788 - Buckley), 18 - girou (789 - Abrahan), 22 - plicic (4911 - PEDro)

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