Foreign media: byte jump agrees to split Tik tok US business

 Foreign media: byte jump agrees to split Tik tok US business

The White House did not respond to a request for comment on whether trump would accept the byte bounce concession. Byte skipping did not respond to a request for comment.

According to the new byte skipping proposal, Microsoft will be responsible for protecting all U.S. user data, the source said. The plan allows another US company other than Microsoft to acquire tiktok, the source added.

Microsoft also did not respond to requests for comment.

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Threat again! Trump has just announced that tiktok will be banned from operating in the United States

[global news] according to the US Capitol Hill and the Russian satellite news agency, trump told reporters on July 31, local time, that he would prohibit tiktok from operating in the United States.

Screenshots of reports from Capitol Hill

Screenshot of Russian satellite news agency

When it comes to tiktok, were going to ban them in the United States. Trump said, I have the power. I can use an executive order In other words, were going to cut off (tiktok operates in the U.S.), were going to cut it off.

According to Capitol Hill, Trumps remarks imply that he will not support the US companys acquisition of tiktok.

Russian satellite news agency added that trump also said he would ban tiktok from operating in the United States as early as Saturday, August 1..

Not long ago, trump said it planned to order the divestiture of Beijing byte hop Technology Co., Ltd. (tiktoks parent company) in tiktoks US business. On the 31st, trump told reporters on the spot when he was preparing to go to Florida: we are looking at tiktok. Maybe we will ban tiktok completely, or we may take other actions.

According to Fox News, Microsoft is in talks with tiktok over a deal that could be worth tens of billions of dollars. But neither tiktok nor Microsoft made any comments.

According to Agence France Presse earlier reported that tiktok had promised a high degree of transparency this week, including allowing its algorithms to be reviewed to ensure the safety of users and regulators. Kevin Mayer, tiktoks chief executive, also said in a speech this week: we dont engage in politics, we dont do political advertising, and we dont have such an agenda. Our only goal is to create a dynamic platform from which everyone can be happy.

In recent days, the trump government has repeatedly attacked Chinese enterprises and put pressure on other countries. Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said at a press conference this month that the US side is now carrying out groundless accusations against China, and is almost frantically suppressing and blocking China, thus carrying out acts of bullying against China. What the United States has done is not conducive to mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States. China must resolutely say no to the bullying and injustice of the US side, and will also resolutely take actions to safeguard its own sovereignty, security and development interests.

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Trump advertised for Americans to sign petition to ban tiktok

Source: Beijing News

On July 17, US President Donald Trumps Facebook and instagram accounts posted political ads warning us users that tiktok is monitoring your privacy and calling on them to sign a petition banning tiktok. The ads jump to a survey asking users if they think trump should ban tiktok in the United States and encourage participants to contribute to the trump campaign.

This is the latest US government pressure on tiktok.

Over the past month, U.S. officials have repeatedly voiced their views on tiktok. On July 6, U.S. Secretary of state Mike pompeio said the U.S. is considering banning the app for security reasons. On July 16, White House economic adviser Larry Kudrow said he believed tiktok would become a U.S. company and that the Cfius might force tiktok to restructure and become independent. According to the financial times on July 17, the U.S. government may consider adding byte skipping to the tiktok parent companys list of entities. In response, James Lewis, a science and technology expert at CSIS, said, the government has all the cards Tiktok cant resist.

Trumps political ads on Facebook and instagram

In July 2019, Zuckerberg admitted at an internal meeting that tiktok is the first global blockbuster made by a Chinese technology giant, and Facebook is developing a product called lasso in response to tiktok competition. Tok, especially among young people in America. Its business in India has also expanded rapidly, surpassing Facebooks instagram.

In the face of the rise of tiktok, Facebook attempts to continue the strategy of defeating snapchat: copying the core functions of the other partys products by copying, and then diverting new products through a huge user group and platform resources, so as to achieve anti overtaking. But Lasso, which Zuckerberg had high hopes for, soon failed. One year after its launch, Lasso only downloaded 425000 times, compared with 640 million downloads of tiktok in the same period.

In addition to trying to take over the market by copying tiktok, Facebook also launched political lobbying in the same period to shift regulatory pressure in the United States. Since last year, Zuckerberg has repeatedly criticized tiktok in public for threatening us national security and disrespect for privacy. In October 2019, in his speech at Georgetown University, he took tiktok as an example, saying that the rise of Chinese Internet enterprises poses a great threat to the United States. Industry insiders pointed out that Zuckerbergs China enterprise threat theory is intended to serve its own business growth. According to the verge, the US technology media, Facebook lobbied on the growth of its Chinese competitors when seeking regulatory support for its cryptocurrency Libra plan.

Tiktok is a threat to homeland security? The seemingly absurd assumption is becoming the emperors new clothes under the manipulation of American politicians.

Yesterday (July 22) local time, a US hearing passed a bill on banning tiktok. If the bill is finally voted into effect in the Senate, it means that the United States will take a substantive step to ban tiktok.

Similar experience, the same situation, can not help but let the public opinion linked tiktok and Huawei, another Chinese enterprise. However, both us tiktok users and overseas investors have a common question. What is wrong with tiktok, which is popular overseas?

Will the killing of tiktok be included in US law?

According to the current system of the United States, if the bill can be passed by a vote in the Senate, then it only needs to be signed by President trump to enter into force. On July 20, the US House of Representatives passed the bill by 336 votes to 71. U.S. media predict that in the Senate with a Republican majority, it is likely to pass the program.

It is reported that the bill proposed by Republican congressmen explicitly forbids federal employees to download tiktok on government equipment. The bill is part of the amendment to the national defense authorization act, which will become a part of the law of the United States after passing the vote of the house of Representatives and the Senate.

And it is likely to be the first step in the us to ban tiktok. Earlier, according to a report by Reuters on July 8, vice president burns of the United States once said, no matter Huawei, or even tiktok, will pose a threat to privacy and national security, so the United States will continue to take a strong stand.

In recent days, the tough stance released by the White House is constantly reflected in tiktok. Currently, the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of justice are jointly investigating tiktok, accusing him of failing to comply with the child privacy agreement. The Cfius also reviewed the deal related to tiktoks acquisition of U.S. companies.

What did tiktok do wrong?

In 2017, Chinese enterprise byte hop, the parent company of tiktok, acquired video applications for nearly $1 billion u3002 A year later, the byte jitter will Users moved to the overseas version of TikTok, and TikTok opened the hurricane of overseas markets tiktok.

According to the data of the first quarter of 2020, tiktok installed more than 315 million times in the app store and Google play, which was not only the most downloaded mobile app in the world at that time, but also set a single quarter download record of any app in the world. Tiktok broke the record in the fourth quarter of 2018. This number has been greatly increased by nearly 60%.

In June, tiktok became the highest paid non gaming app in the world. That month, its user operating income was as high as 90.7 million US dollars (about 640 million yuan), which was 8.3 times that of the same period last year.

As of April this year, tiktok also had 165 million downloads in the United States, ranking third in the world. Thats almost half the population of the United States. At the same time, the United States has become the region with the highest user operating income except China. According to the data provided by tiktok, tiktok users in the United States have to open the software eight times a day on average, and the average usage time is about five minutes each time.

Based on these data roughly describe - almost half of Americans now use 8 tiktok each day. But it has become what American politicians call a national security threat..

At that time, the U.S. Army used tiktok for conscription, which achieved good results among young people. However, Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic Party of the US Senate, said tiktok may cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies and is worried that tiktok collects information including communication content, IP address, location and other sensitive personal privacy information.

Schumer is not the first and not the last U.S. congressman to have such a view. Just two weeks ago, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio, in an interview with Fox News, called on Americans to be alert when using tiktok. Recently, even us congressmen have said that tiktok will intervene in the 2020 US election.

Chart: Chuck Schumer profile

But so far, it seems that the United States has not produced any evidence to prove how tiktok has threatened the national security of the United States. Its more of a myth.

Huaweis only fault is that it belongs to China.

This is a week ago, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunyings response to US sanctions against Huawei. At this moment, if Huawei is replaced by tiktok in this sentence, it seems that it still applies.

On May 19, Kevin Mayer was appointed chief operating officer (COO) and Global CEO of tiktok. Kevin Mayer, 58, was previously Disneys senior executive vice president and Chief Strategic Officer. This is a true American executive.

On the other hand, affected by the epidemic, the unemployment rate in the United States has reached new highs. However, the number of full-time employees of tiktok in the United States has increased from less than 500 before the outbreak to nearly 1400 at present. The number of local employees in the United States has doubled. On July 21 local time, tiktok also announced plans to add 10000 jobs in the United States over the next three years.

These are high paying jobs that will help us continue to build interesting and safe experiences and protect the privacy of our community, a tiktok spokesman said in a statement.

On the other hand, local time yesterday, US media reported that many famous US investment institutions, including Sequoia Capital, were discussing an acquisition plan with byte hop. Investors contacted Zhang Yiming, founder of byte hop, on the potential transaction of acquiring tiktok. If a deal can be reached, the proportion of US capital will continue to rise sharply. Byte skipping will retain tiktoks minority and non voting shares.

In this regard, market analysts interpreted it as a manifestation of tiktoks sincerity and a way of self-help. Clearly, politics aside, tiktok is a quality asset that investors cant refuse, and US capital is no exception.

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