Kangxian County, Gansu Province: the beautiful rural people envy that the single man gets rid of poverty and takes off the single

 Kangxian County, Gansu Province: the beautiful rural people envy that the single man gets rid of poverty and takes off the single

In 2011, Xu Mei, who has just turned 22, went from Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, to Zhongjie village, anmenkou Town, Kangxian County, Gansu Province, where her boyfriend Tang Gaohai lives.

1 corner of Zhongjie village, anmenkou Town, Kangxian county. Field photo

In 2012, Zhongjie village was included in the construction of beautiful countryside in Kangxian county. In that year, Zhongjie village built 8 kilometers of village road. Once the road is open, the feeling will be bright and open. If you go to a higher level, you will be alive.

In the next few years, Zhongjie village continued to implement the beautiful rural construction, according to the situation of the mountain and respecting the nature. While protecting the old houses and ancient trees, it innovated the construction concept, implemented the reconstruction of dilapidated houses, built waterscape, landscape bridge, garbage pool, courtyard hardening, toilet renovation and other infrastructure projects, and carried out the special rectification of illegal (dangerous) and the green and beautiful clean project of the whole area The village living environment has been improved. In 2017, Zhongjie village took the lead in poverty alleviation in the whole county.

When I sent my parents pictures of Zhongjie village after it was built into a beautiful village, they reluctantly agreed with me to marry. Xu Mei said.

In 2019, with Xu Meis repeated invitation, her parents finally came to her daughters new home for the first time. In the spacious and bright living room, there are all kinds of household appliances such as color TV and refrigerator, and a set of Jian European furniture is particularly fashionable. Walking in the village, the cement pavement is flat and hard, the green trees on both sides are neat and uniform, and the street lamps, garbage cans, signs and parking spaces are in good order

Kangxian not only has beautiful scenery and good ecological environment, but also the government attaches great importance to peoples livelihood, and rural sanitation is also very good. Its really a good place! Xu Meis parents sincerely exclaimed, my daughter is not a loser in marriage.

Beautiful Zhongjie village, anmenkou Town, Kangxian county. Field photo

Planted Wutong tree, and brought phoenix.

In the Spring Festival of 2014, Chongqing girl Wang Ping followed Tang Wanlin from Dongguan to Tang Wanlins hometown in Kang County, Gansu Province for the first time. On the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, Wang Ping entered Zhongjie village. The dark house, the dirty environment and the heavy traffic all the way before him made Wang Pings shyness and joy to see his mother-in-law for the first time disappeared.

Because Wang Pings bad impression on Zhongjie village for the first time has been difficult to let go, and the relationship between the two has not reached the point of marriage. In June 2016, under the repeated persuasion of Tang Wanlin and his family, Wang Ping came to Zhongjie village again.

This strengthened Wang Pings confidence that he would stay and marry Tang Wanlin. The garbage floating around the river has disappeared, and the black house has disappeared. Now the river has become a landscape, and the houses of every family have been transformed into foreign-style villas. When the street lights are on at night, the environment here is no worse than that in the developed coastal areas

At the end of 2016, Wang Ping and Tang Wanlin held a wedding ceremony in Zhongjie village. Her father and two sisters also attended the wedding. Now they have two lovely babies.

The beautiful village is Zhongjie village, anmenkou Town, Kangxian county. Field photo

Small mountain village keeps College Students

In 2013, Zhang XiuXiu university graduated from Liaocheng, Shandong Province. During his internship in Beijing, he met Tang Pengfei, a cook in a catering company. One is a college student who has just entered the society and has unlimited vision for the future, and the other is a migrant worker who has been out for many years and stir fry dishes. It seems that the two people have not the same life track and started a beautiful love.

After more than two years of contacts, Zhang XiuXiu came to Tang Pengfeis home for the first time in June 2015. People say that Gansu is full of loess, but I didnt expect that when I came to Kangxian, I would see green mountains and clear rivers. Whats more, the countryside here is very beautiful. Born on the plain, she fell in love with this beautiful place.

Green bank of foreign daughter-in-law

With the continuous promotion of the beautiful rural construction in the whole county, the fundamental environment of Linkou village has undergone earth shaking changes, so that the couple who are running around see the hope and return home in the footsteps of returning home.

When we went home, we saw that the roads in the village were open and wide, and our courtyard and access roads were also hardened. So we decided to try to raise chickens after discussion.

When it comes to the future, Du Hongjuan is full of confidence. She said that she has a wish to make her cooperative bigger and stronger by expanding its scale and relying on e-commerce, so that more villagers can join in and live a good life together.

The root carving works of shishengchuns family in jishanba village, wangba Town, Kangxian county. Photo by Feng Lirong

In Kangxian County, in addition to Zhongjie village, there are many poor villages. Not only the Bachelor married his daughter-in-law, but also many aspiring young people married here. After seeing the earth shaking changes in Kangxian County, Shi Shengchun, a native of Shaanxi Province, left his hometown of Shaanxi Province for 32 years and settled in jishanba village, wangba Town, the hometown of his wife Wu Juhong. In 2012, Shi Shengchun began the road of collecting, creating and managing root art, with an annual net income of at least 100000 yuan. Hu Meijuan, a Hunan girl, married to Huaqiao village, Changba town without hesitation in 2016. Now she not only works as a waiter in Huaqiao Bodhi manor, but also uses her own house to open a home stay, which has truly realized the double harvest of love career.

We should not only get rid of poverty, but also get rid of poverty. Kangxian county has vigorously promoted the construction of beautiful villages. For ten years, it has made great contributions to the construction of beautiful villages in accordance with local conditions, unified planning, integration of funds, awards and subsidies to farmers. It has built 1641 natural villages in 350 villages of the county into a life paradise suitable for living and working, and has painted a beautiful picture of blue sky, green land, clear water, clean homes in beautiful villages.

At present, 1 town and 12 villages in the county have been selected as the most beautiful villages and towns in China. Relying on the beautiful countryside, 4 national 4A tourist attractions, 1 National 3A tourist village scenic spot and 70 rural tourism demonstration villages have been built. A large eco-tourism scenic spot without tickets has been preliminarily built. In the past, Lannigou and garbage ditch have become famous tourist villages. Huaqiao, HeJiazhuang, zhujiagou, Fenghuanggu and Dashuigou have been selected as the national key village of rural tourism and the model village of Chinas rural tourism. They have become the models for improving the living environment, developing rural tourism and promoting the revitalization of rural villages. One belt, one road, was awarded the 20 national and provincial level honor of the 2019 National Village cleaning action advanced county and the 2019 rural residential environment improvement. In November 2019, it was designated by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Gansu provincial Party committee and provincial government as the beautiful countryside forum along the way.

The construction of beautiful countryside in Kangxian not only creates a clean, clean and beautiful living environment for farmers, but also makes great efforts to develop rural tourism and rich people industry with characteristics, so that the masses can get employment at home, enhance their confidence and motivation for a better life, and better promote the high-quality development of rural areas. In recent years, more than 4000 long-term migrant workers in Kangxian county have returned home to start their own businesses, attracting about 650 million yuan of capital, driving more than 6000 labor forces to realize local employment, developing more than 10 million bags of edible fungi and 76000 boxes of beekeeping, establishing and standardizing the operation of 689 professional cooperatives, developing 1613 e-commerce online stores, and 370 farmhouse inns, which were rated as the new type of urbanization combined with the whole country Carry out pilot counties to support migrant workers and other personnel to return home for entrepreneurship.

In the past, because of the poor environment, the rural youth who did not dare to take their objects home now stand upright, have a face, and have the foundation. More than 2000 elderly youth in remote poverty-stricken villages over 35 years old in the whole county have realized their families and businesses and live and work in peace and contentment.