Cliff fall! The turnover of Shenzhen property market is cut down under the new policy

 Cliff fall! The turnover of Shenzhen property market is cut down under the new policy

How popular is the current apartment sales? An apartment project near the north of Shenzhen has raised 700 units in one and a half days. Said Xiao Liu. In addition, according to media reports, the Qianhai Kerry business center, with a unit price of 97600 square meters, sold out on the opening day after all 264 business apartments on record were launched. Another apartment project, a client bought 10 apartments at a time.

The reporter saw in the circle of friends of several real estate agents that before the new deal, the intermediary pushed houses every day. After the new deal, almost all the apartment projects and deep-seated projects in the circle of friends, as well as some houses with a total price of less than 7.5 million. However, not all agencies are suitable for pushing apartments. My client group doesnt buy apartments, so I dont push apartments. Intermediary Xiao Luo told reporters that some old intermediaries have stable customer channels and sources, even in the cold housing market, they can also have customers. The major blow of this policy is that those who originally wanted to buy more than 7.5 million yuan and less than 144 square meters have little impact on those who originally want to buy less than 7.5 million yuan and those who buy luxury houses with an area of more than 144 square meters. I have a few people who want to buy luxury houses. Xiao Luo said.

On July 31, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of planning and natural resources and the Shenzhen Bureau of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the notice on stopping the approval of commercial apartments, which stopped the approval of new commercial apartments in the whole city (including the Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone), and encouraged the approved business apartment projects to become marketable talent houses. The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of planning and natural resources said it would continue to increase the supply of residential land to meet the needs of citizens.

Regulation challenges the viability of real estate agents

From the current point of view, the new deal has an immediate effect on the trading volume of second-hand housing in Shenzhen. According to the data of Shenzhen real estate intermediary Association, after the new deal on July 15, the number of second-hand housing online signings in Shenzhen showed a cliff like decline. During the period from 16 to 22, the daily average number of second-hand housing online signings in Shenzhen was 222, which was significantly lower than that of 450 in June.

In addition, through the comparison of transaction data reflected by some members of the association, the volume of transactions before and after the policy has dropped by 61%. The total daily turnover of several leading institutions decreased from 463 sets before the policy to 180 sets per day after the policy. In addition to the sharp decline in trading volume, the volume of real estate intermediaries has also experienced a significant decline. According to the feedback from the institutions, the average volume of leading watch before and after the implementation of the 7.15 new deal fell by about 50% month on month.

Reporters in the new deal before the investigation of the Shenzhen property market learned that many intermediaries in the hot property market under the busy, and even at 12 oclock in the evening, there are still signs. However, after the new deal, the style of painting has changed greatly. Now these agents who are too busy to eat begin to enter the long vacation. Some of them actively contact customers frequently, and some even send red envelopes to customers to introduce them to friends who need to buy a house.

Under the new deal, some intermediaries will lose a lot of customers. Said Xiao Liu. When the market began to cool down, they also began to change the customer structure, we will adjust the different purchasing power of different customers and the needs of customers, and carry out more targeted marketing. Xiao Liu said that some intermediaries do telemarketing, some do community sales, solicit customers on the main road, and some do circle marketing to know which group has purchasing power and what kind of house they can buy. Now it seems that circle marketing is more suitable for the current real estate market, but it undoubtedly poses greater challenges to the intermediarys customer screening, analysis, sorting and marketing capabilities. In the two weeks after the new deal, we have achieved 100000 sales. Xiao Liu believes that a capable salesman can open a bill even when the market is cold. Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Wang Wenhua_ NF5982