Taiwan pilots will launch the first strike of Taiwan media: or lead to security crisis

 Taiwan pilots will launch the first strike of Taiwan media: or lead to security crisis

According to Taiwans Lianhe Daily on August 7, pilots of China Airlines and Changrong Airlines from Taoyuan pilotsUnion held their first strike vote on July 16. The vote ended on August 6th and opened on the morning of 7.

The results of the vote show that 1212 of the 1426 voted to vote, and the voting rate was 84.39%. They agreed to strike 1187 votes, disagree with 20 votes and vote for 5 votes. In favour of strike tickets 97.9%, trade unions have the right to strike. If this is successful, it will become the first pilot strike in Taiwan.

Taiwan Taoyuan City pilots professional trade union voted for strike (photo source: Taiwan United Daily)

The pilotsUnion has lodged 28 and 16 appeals to CAAC and Changrong respectively, which include flight safety, administration and welfare. The counterpart said that the trade unions appeals for flight safety. Under the table, they want more welfare conditions to break through.

As for the strike time, the trade union said it would not rule out a strike during the Mid Autumn Festival. In this regard, the Taiwan consumer culture and Education Foundation will remind Taiwan people who are leaving the Mid Autumn Festival to prepare alternatives.

The foundation also said passengers complained that frequent strikes would force passengers to reserve for other airlines, and airlines and pilots in Taiwan were afraid to hurt themselves.

In response to the impact of the strike, the Lianhe Daily commented that once the pilots decided to strike, it would cause Taiwans airlines, flight safety disorder. If the public cant get out or go in, it will affect not only airlines, but also lose the whole nation situation.

According to Taiwans Economic Daily reported that at present, Air China and Changrong joined the Taoyuan pilotsUnion about 800 pilots, 500 pilots. If some of the two airlines join the strike, it will affect the entry and exit of Taiwan personnel and freight.

According to the report, if the flight is in disorder and the strike period is lengthening, the economic growth rate is bound to cause an impact, and Taiwan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and another form of security crisis may be formed in the case of difficulties in entering and leaving. ,

Taiwan Air China air service staff had been on strike in 2016. After taking the legal right to strike, the professional union of the takun city announced that the strike began at 0 a.m. in June 24th. The strike lasted three days and returned to work in the early morning of the 27 day. But the 24 sides have reached a consensus that the strike will be successful.

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