2018 ChinaJoy VLOG: good looking more than a little sister

 2018 ChinaJoy VLOG: good looking more than a little sister

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Amazing technology: Xiaobian take you to the 2018 Shanghai ChinaJoy Exhibition (source: original)

Xiaobian also saw a little brother in the a station at the scene. He gave me a code, and I laughed very cute lol.

A witch Coser is photographing a small sister of the Nine Tailed Fox

Tian Lu, Shanghai CJ exhibition thrilling platelets

Do you think CJ has only a little sister in the show?

Well, Microsoft has a street machine for the halo: The Raven team: a 130 inch 4K screen and four multifunctional gun table machine guns for four players to use in black. With a strong sense of immersion, Xiaobian looked very greedy and could say that he wanted to move home very much.

Not only that, but Microsoft is still itching to get started with a new game called Extreme Race Horizon 4, which looks like 3.

Next to the SONY platform, there is no need to say that there is a newly launched Spiderman.

And the soul of the lost

The border plan

Ubisoft, of course, the assassins Creed: Odyssey.

Neteases new cooperation, my world has set up a booth, the scene staff to play the player pig face hanging pig award game. I was laughed to death by our company

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