Mexico Airlines crash 103 people survived, 11 US passengers filed suit

 Mexico Airlines crash 103 people survived, 11 US passengers filed suit

According to Reuters, 11 U.S. passengers who survived the Mexican air crash filed a lawsuit against the airline. In July 31st, a Mexico Airlines plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Durango airport, carrying 99 passengers and 4 crew members, 103 all survived and more than 85 injured.

In July 31st, a Mexico airliner flying to Mexico, shortly after taking off at an airport in northern Durango, crashed into a bushes near the runway. Passengers described a strong wind and a heavy rain. Everyone on this plane has the right to know exactly what caused the crash. The plane will not fall from the sky, because it rains heavily. The attorney for the appeals passenger said.

At present, Mexico Airlines has not yet responded to this. On Monday, the director of the Mexico civil aviation bureau said the cause of the accident was still under investigation and said that the pilot and two flight attendants on the plane had listed their statements as part of the investigation. In addition, investigators are waiting to interview the captain who is still in hospital.

Murphy, another partner at the law firm, said the weather was, to some extent, always a factor in flight accidents. But the safe flight operation depends on how the pilot controls the aircraft, testing, reacting and correcting extreme weather in the pre flight and navigation decisions in order to avoid accidents. Murphy said.