India defense forces appealed to enterprises to develop armed UAV

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 India defense forces appealed to enterprises to develop armed UAV

Reference News Network reported in August 7th: Agence France-Presse reported in August 5th that India defense minister Sita Raman asked India start-ups to develop a missile carrying UAV for its own armed forces.

Today, many countries want to get missiles carrying UAVs, Sant said at the launching ceremony of the India national defense start-up challenge project in Ben guru. I think we have the ability to make this kind of UAV.

If we can destroy targets by remote control, we will not lose skilled manpower, she added.

Sita Raman emphasized the work in the direction of network and space war. She said that if these two areas were not fully valued, any deployment of human resources would be meaningless.

She urged Indias defense start-ups to propose solutions in matters related to space and cyber warfare.

Sita Raman further emphasized the various measures taken by the growth center of start-ups. She said the Ministry of defense will ensure that the concept and prototype products of start-ups are available in the market.

She said the Ministry of defense would not cancel the qualification of start-ups in such activities as bidding and tendering.

If start-ups want to put their ideas into practice, the Defense Department wholeheartedly wants them to tell us, she added. We do not want to delay such tests in any way.

There are some illegal operations of UAVs in India recently. In one incident, a India airliner collided with a UAV when landing in Delhi. The incident shows that India urgently needs to manage the UAV flight.

Information and pictures: Indias domestic Ni Shang UAV.