US Air Force tries virtual reality training: mass production of new pilots

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 US Air Force tries virtual reality training: mass production of new pilots

Reference News Network reported in August 7th: the aviation information network published in August 5th entitled the US air force to try virtual reality training reported that the United States Air Force wants to speed up the training of new pilots through virtual reality (VR) simulation devices to alleviate the shortage of pilots.

The report said that the first next pilot training program was attended by 20 candidates, including 15 officers and 5 soldiers. The course ended recently and 13 officers passed the exam. 2 officers were eliminated and returned to their regular pilot training class. The soldiers passed the examination and returned to their original post. This is an experimental course designed to test the effect of VR training on the speed and scope of basic flight training. The success of the course is an encouragement for project organizers, and they will learn from it. Failure and success are equally valuable, major Vandervoort, deputy director of the next pilot training program, said. We find in many ways the shortcomings of what we do.

The report also said that the VR simulator provided participants with a more realistic experience that they could use the device indefinitely and practise at any time. Therefore, they can learn faster and grasp complex flight paths earlier. Participants will wear sensors that record biometrics data for researchers to measure the physiological effects of training. A soldier who participates in a project will not necessarily become a pilot. They entered this group to determine the importance of university education background. The soldiers were obviously well behaved. Vandervoort added: they flew very complicated trajectories in the first flight test. Only a small part of the average time of routine flight test is used. The second next pilot training program course will start soon and be adjusted according to the experience of the first course.

Information map: F - 22 Raptor fighter simulator.