Childrens palace teacher wearing shoes, students face slapped, police have been involved in the investigation.

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 Childrens palace teacher wearing shoes, students face slapped, police have been involved in the investigation.

Teachers from a kindergarten in Hefei childrens palace face their faces and police intervene.

On the morning of 7, Mr. Bian, the parent of Hefei, told reporters that her daughter was sent to the Hefei Ivy Youth Palace for a week. But on the 6 night, the child told the parents that the teacher had a face during the school.

After learning the news, the parents contacted another friend, and the childs child was also in the Ivys preschool. We were shocked. We didnt think that his child told the parents that she was stepped on her face by the teacher.

On the morning of the 7 day, two parents rushed to the school to ask and denied it at the beginning of the school. Until later, we had to be monitored and the school had to admit it. At the same time, the parents provided two videos to reporters. The video showed that it happened at 12 noon on August 2nd.

On the monitor, ten or twenty children are taking a nap. The light in the room is dark. A female teacher is visiting. The female teacher turns several circles to the side of Mr. Bians daughter. She suddenly stretches her hand to the childs face and plays two or three times.

Another monitoring showed that Mr. Bians friends daughter was trampled on the face by the female teacher, and two monitoring showed that the female teacher seemed to be the same person.

The teacher was wearing shoes at that time. She stepped on the face of the child directly with shoes. The charge here was 5000 yuan a month. The teacher treated the child in this way. It was almost impossible to believe.

At present, two parents have called the police station to investigate. At present, the relevant school leaders have rushed to the district police station.

At the police station, the school dean said: now the schools attitude is, first, parents and children to express sincere apologies. Second, the litigant declared that the teacher had taught more than one year, and this happened. It was the personal behavior of the teacher. The school will take measures to the teacher and do not exclude the expulsion. Third, the school will go back to the meeting today to reflect on this matter.

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