Hong Kong media inventory 055 destroyers characteristics can compete with other Asian ships.

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 Hong Kong media inventory 055 destroyers characteristics can compete with other Asian ships.

In August 7th, the Hongkong South China Morning Post, published in August 5th, published a report entitled 5 notes on the domestic destroyer of Chinas next generation aircraft carrier in August 5th, saying that in order to build a global ocean navy to protect the marine interests at the fastest speed, China has 4 type of 055 missiles in the past 13 months. Ship launched by ship - two of them were launched in July - and 4 other destroyers are being built.

Analysts said that these domestic warships will become the main escort force of the PLAs carrier battle group.

The size and weaponry of type 055 make it closer to cruiser.

Reported that the 055 destroyers are well-equipped, and are the main convoy force in Chinas carrier battle group.

It is more than 180 meters in length, 20 meters wide and full load of more than 12000 tons. It is an awesome marine military force, which can be equipped with air defense, antimissile, anti ship and anti submarine weapons.

The report said that although the Chinese Navy officially classified it as a destroyer, its size and combat capability exceeded the traditional small fast warship standards, which usually defended the submarines and aircraft.

In fact, in the US Department of Defenses annual Chinese military report, the 055 is called the cruiser. According to the US definition, cruiser is the largest and most powerful surface warship next to the aircraft carrier.

It is said to be the worlds second largest destroyer

Reported that the 055 type destroyers ship based missile vertical launch system (VLS) is larger than most of the destroyers in the world. Its vertical launching system also exceeds the number of units in the US Navy.

The report said that the ships vertical launch system has 112 launch units, which can launch the Sea red flag -9 air defense missile, the Hawk -18 anti ship missile, the long sword -10 cruise missile and the anti submarine torpedo.

It also has a 130 millimeter dual purpose naval gun and a short-range defense weapon system, and can carry 2 antisubmarine helicopters.

The merits of the destroyer also include the X band radar using an active electron scanning array, and an integrated electronic system similar to the Aegis combat system on the US Navy ships.

Analysts say the 055 is theoretically the worlds second largest destroyer, second only to the U.S. Navys Jumwalt class destroyer.

Still lagging behind the American chulwalt destroyer.

The report said that when the 055 destroyers compared with the United States Navys Jim Walter class destroyer, the Chinese destroyer still lagged behind US Navy destroyers in some important aspects.

Technically, Zhu Walter is the most advanced destroyer in the world with a displacement of 15000 tons, the report said.

Jim Walter, designed mainly as a land assault ship, is equipped with powerful artillery, including a 155 millimeter advanced artillery system and a VLS with 80 launch units.

Reported that the 055 design focuses on air defense and anti-submarine missions, so there are more VLS launch units and larger range than the Zhumwalt class.

Can compete with other warships deployed in Asia

Reported that the 055 destroyer is likely to play a similar role to the U. S. Navy Ticonderoga class cruiser and the Ali Berk class destroyer. The 2 ships in the United States have less than 10 thousand tons of displacement and 055 destroyers are bigger than them.

The radar, electronic and missile systems of the 055 Destroyers have also been updated with the technology of these two US warships. The 2 warships in the United States were developed in the 80s and 90s of last century.

The report says the 055 Destroyers have been compared with other warships deployed in Asia, especially in South Koreas Shigong King class destroyer, Japanese outage destroyer and the newly launched Mayer destroyer. The Shigong big king class destroyer and the class destroyer of the full load of about 10000 tons, and equipped with the Aegis combat system, of which the Shigong King class destroyer also has 128 launch units of VLS.

But analysts say the 055 has surpassed South Korean and Japanese destroyers in size, radar systems, missile capabilities and versatility.

Photo: homemade 055 destroyer launching ceremony.