8 months pregnant woman riding a bicycle crash in an instant push away her 6 year old son.

 8 months pregnant woman riding a bicycle crash in an instant push away her 6 year old son.

A couple of pregnant women who were pregnant for 8 months went home on an electric three wheel vehicle, and fell asleep at a time when the weather was too hot and hit a truck on the roadside. At the moment of impact, he pushed aside the big treasure around him and bumped into the car in front of him. After 9 hours of rescue, after the blood loss of 6000 milliliters, the pregnant woman was at last safe.

In the afternoon of July 20th, Wang Yan, a second pregnant mother of 8 months pregnant in Jiaozhou, was riding an electric three wheel car home for 6 years old. As the weather was hot and the air was humid, Wang Yan drove the heavy body cautiously, but did not deliberately hit a nap. At this point, Wang Yan did not notice a big truck parked in front of him, and the electric three wheels rushed to the carriage of the truck. At the moment of impact, Wang Yan woke up instinctively, ah! With a scream, he subconsciously pushed Dabao away from him, and his tricycle crashed heavily into the truck ahead. Wang Yan looked at the big treasure, which was only slightly hurt, and soon lost consciousness.

After seeing the scene, the well-intentioned passers-by immediately dialed the emergency phone, and the two were sent to Jiaozhou Central Hospital. As a result of serious injury, a green passage after entering the hospital, no money, no procedures, the emergency department doctor quickly made the injury judgment, at the same time the obstetrician arrived at the scene, taking into account the critical situation of pregnant women, the hospital immediately informed the superior doctors and obstetric safety office, started the hospital rapid response team, according to pregnant and lying in women. Emergency rescue procedures, ultrasound examination, CT scan, blood test in one breath, the consulting departments are also the fastest gathering on standby.

After half an hour, the hospital operating room, obstetrics, pediatrics, Department of hepatobiliary surgery, Department of thoracic surgery, the Department of Anesthesiology, each department of the Department of surgery to wait, according to the agreement of the best treatment program to carry out the operation: first from the obstetric cesarean section to save the fetus and pregnant women, meanwhile on the platform to explore hemostasis. The laboratory, blood transfusion department, patient service department and drivers class are also ready to arrange special personnel to take charge of the rescue work. After the obstetrician Cui Fengyun took out the fetus through the cesarean section, the Department of hepatobiliary surgery expert further explored the rupture of the liver, the rupture of the spleen, the low blood pressure, the almost dying blood pressure, the broken spleen, the repair of the liver, and the bleeding point. At this time, the amount of Mrs. Wangs bleeding had reached 6000ml, equivalent to that of her. The blood of the body was changed, a large number of blood transfusions were needed, the blood transfusion department emerged as a blood transfusion, a bag of plasma and red blood cells entered her body, and a bag of bags was placed around the patients upper and lower limbs through a heated liquid bottle, once in a time, and sawing the battle with the death.

Nine hours later, the bleeding stopped, blood pressure was normal, urine was normal, the rescue on the operating table was finally over, Wang Yan was transferred to intensive care unit. August 7, the reporter learned from Jiaozhou Central Hospital, Wang Yan is still in intensive care unit, but the body has been improving day by day. Dabao was also saved in peace.

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