Drive with your feet? The bus drivers foot wheel was photographed and the client responded.

 Drive with your feet? The bus drivers foot wheel was photographed and the client responded.

Uploading pictures from netizens to the Internet showed that the drivers left foot and right foot were near the steering wheel. According to netizens, the driver put one foot on the door, one foot on the accelerator and brakes, when the traffic lights, both feet are simply in front of the steering wheel.

This micro-blog has attracted many netizens attention. Many netizens refer to the low quality of the bus driver. Really have to say that some buses and taxi drivers, the real quality is serious, it is really worth paying attention to, which directly affects the image of the city, to be rectified and standardized. YJ Ouyang Kelly, the net friend said.

After the incident, in August 6th, Anshun city bus company punished the driver. It is reported that the bus driver, Master Liu, is the 9 bus driver.

The penalty decision is called: according to the twenty-sixth article of the No. 24 document of the general public transport general company of Anshun public transport general company, the management penalty of the drivers work management of Anshun public transport general company, the service quality and service attitude are complains by the passengers. After the verification, it is executed by 500 yuan and is a laid-off (car) learning process. After studying and discussing by the team, the master fined Liu Yuan for 500 yuan and got off to study for 3 days.

In response to this, the reporter contacted Mr. Liu on the phone. He was a little aggrieved and asked reporters to record his speech from the very beginning.

Master Liu said he was 37 years old and had gout. Many times, gout would attack.

When you get up, you have all the heart that you cut off your feet! Master Liu said that the same day, when he was driving, the gout broke out, so he could only wait for the traffic lights, put the foot up, to relieve the pain at the time, and not drive by foot.

Why does the gout attack do not ask for leave? In this regard, Master Liu said that gout is incurable, and in the hospital can hardly be opened to leave slips, so can only bear the pain to work.

In this regard, the head of the Department of operation of Anshun public transport general told reporters that the Anshun bus is a window of the city image, and master Lius behavior is a kind of uncivilized behavior, and they have made a penalty for the behavior.

Minister Lei said that if the driver was sick, he could ask for leave from the captain and so on. They would arrange the treatment according to the circumstances.

The source of this article is colorful Guizhou net: Yang Yuanyuan, editor in charge of Guizhou Metropolis Daily: Cao Yi _NN5778