Australias foreign minister is eager to visit China: he hopes to run in Beijing with Wang Yi foreign minister.

 Australias foreign minister is eager to visit China: he hopes to run in Beijing with Wang Yi foreign minister.

Overseas network August 7 local time, local time, 4, foreign minister Wang Yi in Singapore to attend the foreign ministers of the East Asian cooperation series, meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Bishop. On the 7th, Bishop not only praised the positive meeting with Chinas foreign ministers, but also referred to a visit to China to further ease relations between China and Australia. She also mentioned that he hopes to run in Beijing with the Chinese foreign minister.

We have a very positive discussion around China Australia bilateral relations, Bishop said. We discussed the areas of mutual concern and how to work together in the Pacific region, and discussed that China and Australia can be more united in many ways.

Bishop also mentioned that Wang Yi said that China and Australia could do much, and that they agreed that Australia and China can do more to further strengthen and deepen our relationship.

In addition to appreciates the very positive talks, Bishop once again talked about his desire to visit China. She said she talked with Chinese foreign minister about the possibility of his visit to China, and hoped to run in Beijing with Wang Yi.

We talked about running together, Bishop said. We are planning a visit to China. I hope I can run with the Chinese foreign minister once in the morning.

Since 2017, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull has accused China of interfering in Australias affairs, while the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and the defense minister have also played up the China Threat Theory, and a series of practices in Australia have led to a gradual tension between China and Australia. Former Australian Finance Minister Huang Yingxian also believes that the current governments clumsy words against China create more tension between China and Australia.

In order to ease Sino Australian relations, Australian Foreign Minister Bishop has released many positive signals for his visit to China in recent times. At the beginning of June, Australia was also asked to approve Bishops visit to China.

In August 1st, a reporter asked the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs about Chinas response to the request of Australias foreign minister Bishops visit to China. A spokesman for Chinas Ministry of foreign affairs replied that communication and exchanges between China and Australia have always been smooth. I want to emphasize that a healthy and stable Sino Australian relationship is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples. We hope that the Australian side will go with the Chinese side. On the basis of mutual respect and equality, we will do more to promote mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries, create good conditions and atmosphere for practical cooperation in all fields of the two countries, and ensure that China Australia relations develop along the right track.

Wang Yi pointed out to the Japanese media that it was wrong: check must be issued before publication.

A few days ago, a report on the NHK television website in the South China Sea was larger than the fact. State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi in Singapore to accept the media group visit, the reporter just asked the question, Wang Yisui patient to make a brief correction, and reminding: before the publication of the article must be check (check)!