Taobao and Alipay cooperation, on-line collage function

 Taobao and Alipay cooperation, on-line collage function

In addition to initiating a collage and inviting friends independently, Alipays Collage function can also be matched by the system and added to the already started spells.

Ali said that the collelling function on Alipay, not only products from Taobao, order, membership system and Taobao, and the recommended collage products also combined with the users previous shopping habits in the Taobao.

According to official information, this is not the first Taobao to force an electric business, in March this year launched the Taobao special version, announced to do consumption classification, Ali said that the joint with Alipay launched the collage is only the first step of the business cooperation of Taobao and Alipay. (Peng Lihui)

Source: NetEase science and technology report editor: Wang Fengzhi _NT2541